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George Monck, 1st Duke of Albermarle (1608 – 1670) was an English soldier and politician. He was responsible for the restoration of King Charles II of England to the throne.


After having fought in Ireland, Scotland and the First Anglo-Dutch War, George Monck was appointed Governor of Scotland by Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, Oliver Cromwell. Monck was part of Cromwell's Parliamentary government, which he also fought for.[1] During this time, Monck secretly gave the exiled king advice on how to rule England, telling him to grant amnesty to the enemies of his father, in order to get them to accept him as their rightful ruler.[2]

Cromwell had defeated and exiled King Charles II to the Dutch Republic. Seven years later, Cromwell died, leaving the Parliament's authority severely weakened and London in a state of confusion. On 1 January 1660, Monck led his army from Scotland to London, taking control of the capital.[1]

The new Parliament had Charles II proclaimed king of England, and Monck traveled to Dover to welcome the king upon his return on 25 May 1660.[1]

During Charles' coronation at Westminster Abbey, the king noticed Monck speaking to a man holding an Apple of Eden.[2]