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Geoffroy Thérage was one of the executioners responsible for the alleged death of Jeanne d'Arc on 30 May 1431. He interrogated Jeanne while she was in captivity, notably inquiring about her habit of dressing in men's clothing.[1]

On the fateful day of 30 May 1431, in the Old Marketplace of Rouen, Geofrroy was yelled at by impatient onlookers to carry on with the execution.[2] When he executed who he believed to be Jeanne d'Arc, he saw that Joan's Heart refused to burn, leading him to burn the body twice more, but still the artifact stayed whole. Frightened, he threw the girl's remains and the artifact into the Seine river, though the actions would come to haunt him, fearing he would be damned for killing a holy girl.[3]

Geoffroy was an ancestor of Warren Vidic, a scientist who worked on Abstergo Industries' Animus Project. Vidic relived his memories in early 1981, when he volunteered as his own subject for the Animus Project.[1]




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