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This article is about the Knight Templar burned at the stake. You may be looking for his relative in possession of the Shroud of Eden.
Molay execution

An illustration of Geoffroi de Charney (left) and Jacques de Molay being executed

Geoffroi de Charney (died 18 March 1314) was the Preceptor of Normandy for the Knights Templar. In 1307, de Charney was arrested alongside countless other Templars on orders of King Philip IV of France, and was burned at the stake alongside Grand Master Jacques de Molay on 18 March 1314.[1]

Geoffroy de Charny, a member of the family of Geoffroi's grandson, was another notable Templar and owner of the Shroud of Eden, until the artifact was stolen by the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins.[2]



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