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AC3 General Store Front

A general store in New York

A general store is a shop that carries general merchandise.

Unlike the specialized 15th and 16th century merchants, general stores offered a variety of supplies in the Caribbean and Colonial America during the 18th century, ranging from melee and ranged weapons, ammunition, hunting supplies, outfits, and maps.[1][2]

The stores in the Colonies were located in the major cities such as Boston and New York, and in towns in the Frontier. The Kanien'kehá:ka Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton could trade in his hunting spoils at any of these stores.[1]

Each store possessed an accounting book, through which Ratonhnhaké:ton could trade the goods crafted by the artisans of the Davenport Homestead, as well as manage the convoys that would be sent to the other colonies across America.[1]

In the Caribbean, general stores were found in the cities of HavanaKingston, and Nassau, as well as many minor islands around the West Indies. One store was also funded by Edward Kenway and built on the Great Inagua. Unlike the stores in the Colonies, those around the West Indies allowed Edward to buy hunting goods to be used for crafting, as well as sell them.[2]

List of trading posts

  • Hancock's Store No. 5 - Central District
  • Elizabeth Murray's Fineries - North District
  • Child's Still House & Dry Goods - South District
New York
  • Rhinelander's Sugars - East District
  • De Lancey's Imports & Goods - East-West District border
  • Van Brugh's Spices - North-East District border


  • The man at Hancock's Store in Boston had a German accent, but spoke with an American one in the memory "A Trip to Boston".
  • Once a general store had been located in the Frontier, Connor could fast-travel to it at any time.



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