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"What don't I have fucking problems with? The Oracle, for one. The sea, for another. And don't get me started on my crew."

Gelon was a Greek sailor and a part-time-pirate who served as the captain of the Shark's Tooth, operating during the 5th century BCE.


At some point, Gelon and a member of her crew, Gyke, fell in love with each other. As a mark of her affection, Gelon gave Gyke a bracelet engraved with their names. Gyke also served as her second-in-command, and a temporary captain when Gelon wasn't around.[1]

By the time of the Peloponnesian War, Gelon had made a profitable deal with the Pythia of the Sanctuary of Delphi. The Pythia told Gelon where pilgrims were coming from, and Gelon shipped them to Phokis, sharing the profits with the Pythia. This deal seemed to work, until Gelon sent Gyke to trap some pilgrims in the cove nearby while Gelon met with the Pythia.[1]

When Gelon returned to Kirrha, the Shark's Tooth had not yet returned. Left stranded without her crew and ship, Gelon spent her days drinking by the shore, awaiting her ship and crew's return. In 431 BCE, Gelon met the Spartan misthios Kassandra, hiring her to find out what had happened to her ship and crew. She sent Kassandra to investigate the shorelines in the Hill of the Sacred War, where pilgrims were known to frequent. Kassandra did so, discovering that the Shark's Tooth had sunk, taking Gyke and the crew with it. After looting the sunken treasure chests in the depths, Kassandra returned to Gelon, reporting the fate of her crew and Gyke.[1]

Having lost all she had, Gelon was heartbroken, as she now was a captain with no ship, and a lover without a lover.[1]

Behind the scenes

At the conclusion of "Crewless", Gelon can be recruited by the Eagle Bearer as a lieutenant aboard the Adrestia.