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Gatekeeper was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore arrived at the barracks to discuss plans to take out the French baron Octavian de Valois with Bartolomeo d'Alviano.


Gatekeeper 1

Bartolomeo and Ezio at the barracks

As Ezio walked through the front gate of the Barracks, Bartolomeo drew his sword and turned around.

  • Bartolomeo: Who goes there?
  • Ezio: Salve (Hello) to you too.
  • Bartolomeo: Ezio! I was expecting my wife.

Bartolomeo sheathed his sword.

  • Ezio: Somehow, that does not surprise me.

Ezio noticed a mercenary being aided by two others. He seemed to have injured his leg, as he walked with a limp.

  • Bartolomeo: The French puttane (whores) have us under pressure.
  • Ezio: Tell me about their general, this Baron de Valois.
  • Bartolomeo: Cesare persuaded King Louis to lend him an entire army to defeat me. I'm flattered.
  • Ezio: Where can I find him?
  • Bartolomeo: It's only a matter of time before I have Valois by the throat. We have them in retreat.

A bullet hit the barracks wall, mere feet from Ezio and Bartolomeo.

  • Ezio: They seem to be getting closer.
  • Bartolomeo: The situation is under control–

A mercenary came running from the west side gates.

  • Mercenary: Close the gates!
  • Bartolomeo: Bene. (Good.) So maybe I could use a little help.

The French army began their advance. Bartolomeo and his men fought the French while Ezio worked his way to the gate levers.

  • Bartolomeo: Ezio, shut the gates!

Ezio arrived at a lever, but found it surrounded by many French invaders; Ezio began to eliminate the French between him and the lever.

  • Bartolomeo: They're coming from the other side!
    Defend the other entrance!

Ezio tried to help Bartolomeo, but was still preoccupied with the French soldiers around him.

  • Bartolomeo: The other entrance!
    The gates!

Ezio managed to close the first gate.

  • Bartolomeo: Secure the Barracks!

Ezio worked his way toward the next lever, while another wave of French soldiers charged.

  • Bartolomeo: They come again. Bianca thirsts for French blood.
    We are surrounded!

Ezio fought off the new wave of French troops on his way to the next lever.

Gatekeeper 2

The French arriving at the gates

  • Bartolomeo: Ezio, shut the gates!

Ezio managed to shut the second gate.

  • Bartolomeo: They're coming from the other side!
    Defend the other entrance!

Ezio fought his way through yet another wave of French soldiers to get to the final lever.

  • Bartolomeo: The other entrance!

Ezio shut the last gate and eliminated the remaining French troops inside the Barracks.

  • Mercenary: The Baron de Valois signals from the field!

Octavian de Valois sat on his horse at the bottom of the hill that the Barracks was built upon, surrounded by French troops and banners. Ezio, Bartolomeo, and the remaining mercenaries stood behind one of the closed gates to speak with Octavian from afar.

  • Octavian: Bonjour, général d'Alviano. Êtes-vous prêt à vous rendre? (Are you ready to surrender?)
Gatekeeper 3

Bartolomeo and Ezio behind the gates

  • Bartolomeo: Why don't you come closer and say that?
  • Octavian: You must learn how to speak French. It would mask your barbaric sensibilities.
  • Bartolomeo: Perhaps you could teach me, and I would instruct you in fighting, since you seem to do so little of it!
  • Octavian: As amusing as this parley has been, I'd like your unconditional surrender before sunrise.
  • Bartolomeo: Hah! My lady Bianca will whisper it in your ear.
  • Octavian: I believe another lady might object to that.

A French soldier came forward, holding Pantasilea Baglioni, Bartolomeo's wife, hostage.

  • Pantasilea: Mio marito vi ammazzerà tutti! (My husband is going to murder all of you!)
  • Bartolomeo: I'll kill you, fottuto francese! (you French fuck!)
  • Octavian: Calm down, for your wife's sake. You know my terms: Enter my camp unarmed at dawn.

Octavian and his men turned and left.

  • Octavian: And practice your French. Soon all of Italie will be speaking it.
  • Bartolomeo: I will get you pezzo di merda figlio di puttana! (you piece of shit son of a bitch!)
Gatekeeper 5

Ezio and Bartolomeo making their way towards the French camp

Ezio and Bartolomeo each mounted a horse and gave chase to Octavian de Valois. Eventually, they saw the French camp.

  • Ezio: This is their camp?!

The two arrived at the front gates of the camp.

  • Bartolomeo: You steal a man's wife and then go hide inside a fortress?

Bartolomeo gestured to his crotch.

  • Bartolomeo: Nothing hangs between your thighs. In fact, there is a hole there so deep it reaches into the maledetto inferno! (fucking underworld!)
  • Ezio: What good are you to her dead? We will regroup and fight through the gates as we did at the Arsenale.
  • Bartolomeo: The entrance is thicker with Frenchmen than the streets of Paris.
  • Ezio: So we will climb the battlements.
  • Bartolomeo: They cannot be scaled.
    Pantasilea would know what to do. Maybe this is the end. I enter at dawn bearing gifts and hope that coward spares her life.
Gatekeeper 7

Bartolomeo ordering his men to retreat

  • Ezio: Perché non ci ho pensato prima? (Why didn't I think of it before?)
  • Bartolomeo: What did I say?
  • Ezio: Call your men back to the barracks. I will explain there.
  • Bartolomeo: You better have something good.

Bartolomeo turned to his men.

  • Bartolomeo: Fall back!

Bartolomeo, Ezio and the mercenaries fell back to the Barracks.


Ezio successfully defended the Barracks, without being hit by the opposing French forces. Upon Pantasilea's capture and after he saw the Baron's fortress, Ezio came up with a plan to rescue her.


  • If Ezio does not close any gates, an infinite resource of French troops would enter the fray when others died.



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