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This article is about the Spanish Assassin shipbuilder. For other uses, see Gaspar.

Gaspar Velasquez was a shipbuilder for the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins who designed the schematics for the legendary Colonial Assassin frigate, the Aquila.


In 1748, Gaspar and his colleagues were building a brig for the fleet of the Colonial Brotherhood as requested by the Colonial Mentor, Achilles Davenport. However, due to the increasing presence of the British Empire in Spain—suspected by Gaspar to have been the workings of the British Rite of the Templar Order, they were unable to complete construction of the ship in Spain.[1]

As such, he sent the preliminary blueprints of the ship to the Assassin Council of the French Brotherhood in the hopes they could finish the project. In the meantime, he wrote to Achilles notifying him of this development.[1] Sure enough, the following year in Brest, the French Assassins were able to finish[1] what would become one the fastest vessels in the world at the time.[2]



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