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This article is about the Spanish Assassin doctor. For other uses, see Gaspar.

Gaspar Donozo was a doctor, alchemist, scholar, and Assassin active during the Granada War. Before joining the Brotherhood, he was enrolled at a medical academy in Madrid where he failed his studies due to his irresponsible habits of partying and gambling, wasting his family's hard-earned investment.


Born to a modest merchant family near Seville, Gaspar was noted in his youth for his dexterous hands which allowed him to stitch injuries with ease. For this, he was sent to a medical academy in Madrid by his family, who invested most of their money for the tuition of the young, medical student. It was the wish of his father that Gaspar would become a renowned doctor and bring honor and wealth to his family's name.[1]

Once alone and away at school, however, Gaspar became enamored with the night life of Madrid and took to drinking and debauchery, depleting his family's savings on dice, wine, and women. During this time he also won the friendship of several local Assassins, for whose wounds he would on occasion treat.[1]

Bankrupt and unable to complete his medical training due to his vices, Gaspar was inevitably expelled from the academy. Unwilling to face his family's disappointment, he left the school and sold his skills as a street doctor to the poor and sick. His Assassin friends didn't forget about him, however, and, seeing his predicament, they invited him to lend his talents to their cause. Gaspar gladly accepted, and being a free-spirit himself, from then on he did everything he could to support the Brotherhood.[1]

Personality and traits

Blessed with hands of uncanny finesse, Gaspar Donoso demonstrated as a young boy how this could mould him into a talented surgeon. Accordingly, his family placed all their hopes and dreams in his future success as a physician, but rather than living up to their expectations, he squandered his tuition with wanton abandon. He was a free-spirited individual with little discipline, and as a student, he indulged in a life of partying, gambling, and alcoholism, all in spite of the fact his family had devoted virtually their entire savings and wealth for his education. Despite this display of irresponsibility and ingratitude, Gaspar was later able to commit to the Assassin cause, and at the very least, found in the Creed a chance to express his love of freedom more meaningfully.[1]

Equipment and skills

His background meant that he was purely a field medic for the Assassin, with little to no combat or assassination training. Even still, he underwent moderate freerunning training so as to have basic navigation skills. Medical treatment aside, he provided squads with ointment that could improve their resilience for a time in fights.[2] For self-defence, he used a concealed dagger with which he would deliver deadly poison against his enemies.[2][3] The latter was indicative of his skill in apothecary and alchemy, capable of concocting not just potent medicines but harmful substances as well. Finally, though he was an academy dropout, his education still equipped him with a talent for researching and composing Assassin codexes for the training of fellow Assassins.[2]

Behind the scenes

Gaspar Donozo is a playable character in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion. Like many heroes in the game, he is modelled after a multiplayer avatar. In his case, he shares his character design with the Doctor avatar in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and whose actual character is Malfatto, a sadistic Italian Templar.



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