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Gang War was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob and Evie set out to kill Rexford Kaylock and take over Whitechapel once and for all.


Jacob and Evie met with Henry Green.

  • Henry: Ah, there you are! All that stands between you and Whitechapel is the villain controlling the borough. Kaylock has demanded you settle the claim for territory in a gang fight.
  • Jacob: His loss.

Henry gave Jacob a kukri.

  • Henry: Here. I'm sure you can put this to better use than I can.
  • Jacob: What's this Greenie, Assassin Christmas?

While Evie received her own kukri, Jacob tested his.

  • Henry: Gather your allies.

Jacob or Evie met with a messenger inside a carriage.

  • Messenger: Mr. Rexford Kaylock has agreed to your terms, and waits for you at the Whitechapel train station. He's bet his train on the fight.

Jacob or Evie stepped out to help the Rooks fight the Blighters.

  • Jacob: No Kaylock? Hmm... No matter.
  • Evie: Where are you, Kaylock? Perhaps this will draw you out...
ACS Gang War (Whitechapel) 7

Kaylock atop his train

After the Rooks won the fight, Kaylock appeared atop his train.

  • Kaylock: Ah! There you are!

As the train left, Jacob or Evie jumped atop it as well, killing Kaylock and the Blighters guarding him. After both twins were atop the train, Evie picked up the rope launcher Kaylock held.

  • Evie: It appears to be broken.
  • Jacob: Oh well, at least we have a train now, it's not all bad.

After the train stopped, they spoke to a group of Rooks and leaderless Blighters from atop the carriage.

  • Jacob: Kaylock is dead! Whitechapel is no longer in the hands of the Blighters!

Jacob threw Kaylock's Templar pin down onto the carriage's roof.

  • Evie: You now have the chance to join our ranks! We welcome all who would stand up to Starrick and his cutthroats!

The Blighters were given the green coats of the Rooks, after which Jacob jumped down from the train carriage.

  • Jacob: Welcome to the Rooks!

Inside the well-furnished train, a woman spoke to the twins.

  • Agnes: Ah, ya bastard. I'd rather throw me'sel to the tracks, than to run Bertha another mile fer that doaty bawbag.
  • Jacob: Kaylock? He's left the station.
  • Agnes: Well! Hallo, fancy pants! And who might you two be?
  • Evie: I'm Evie Frye and this is my brother, Jacob Frye.
  • Agnes: Pleased to meet ye. I'm Agnes MacBean.
  • Jacob: A delight.
ACS Gang War (Whitechapel) 13

Agnes speaking with the Frye twins

  • Agnes: I thought I was gettin' a promotion. I suppose I'm out of work now.
  • Evie: Come work for us instead.
  • Agnes: Awa an bile yer heid (away and boil you head)! You pay better than scraps?
  • Jacob: I'm sure we can at least manage that.
  • Agnes: Then may I present to you Agnes and Bertha. Lady and locomotive, at your service. I'll be in the next car.

Henry arrived with a set of books.

  • Henry: A hideout on the rails! What an excellent idea.
  • Evie: Yes, it all worked out rather well. Now, I would like to follow up a lead on-

Jacob aimed the rope launcher.

  • Evie: Jacob, this is serious.
  • Jacob: I'm not doing anything until this gets fixed.
  • Henry: I believe I know someone who can help with that.
  • Jacob: I knew you would, Greenie.

One of the twins then spoke to Agnes.

  • Agnes: You know, a mite o' money goes a mickle bit in this city. Think o' the power o' good you can do with the purse you bring!

Jacob or Evie retrieved funds and resources from a safe in the train.

  • Agnes: You talk of restoring London? Well, now's your chance. That there map shows who to speak to - old friends, if you will. Give 'em a wiff o' that sterling and maybe you can save us all from having to lay down our knife and fork afore we're ready!

Jacob or Evie inspected the upgrades available for the Rooks.

  • Agnes: Now, enough shoptalk... Believe Mr. Green said there was someone he wanted you to meet?


With Kaylock dead, Whitechapel fell under the control of the Rooks. Jacob and Evie also acquired a broken rope launcher and a train that served as their new headquarters.



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