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Gang War was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob and Evie set out to kill Cletus Strain and take over Lambeth once and for all.


Jacob and Evie met with the messenger.

  • Messenger: Mister Cletus Strain and the Blighters have challenged the Rooks to a fight for territory in Lambeth. Defeat him and the borough is yours. Look sharp, he's a bit sadistic.

The fight between the Rooks and the Blighters started.

  • Frye: We will win the fight for Lambeth!

After numerous Blighter casualties, Cletus Strain joined the fight.

  • Strain: Here we go round the mulberry bush/So early in the morning!

Cletus Strain was killed, ending the gang war.

  • Frye: Ladies and gentlemen! We are Evie and Jacob Frye! And as of this moment, you all work, for us!


With Cletus Strain dead, Lambeth fell under the control of the Rooks.


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