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"It's hard to believe that she was once so young and optimistic. I wonder if she would recognize the Brotherhood or the Academy today."
―Galina Voronina's mother, upon finding her mother's journal, 1953[src]
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Galina Voronina's grandmother (fourth from the right), December 1917

The grandmother of Galina Voronina was a member of the Russian Brotherhood of Assassins, and the wife of fellow Assassin Sergei.

She was recruited into the Brotherhood by her future husband in 1911. In December 1917, she and Sergei joined a community of scientists, revolutionaries and Assassins at a facility in Protvino provided by the Russian Academy of Sciences.[1]

During her time with the Assassins, she documented her encounters and experiences in a journal, which was later found by her daughter and granddaughter respectively.[2]



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