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"You won't find more diversity anywhere else in the city. And for that reason, Assassins make it their home."
―Yusuf Tazim on why the Turkish Assassins were headquartered in Galata, 1511.[src]

The Galata headquarters was a building located in the northern tip of Constantinople's Galata District, and served as a base for the Ottoman Brotherhood of Assassins within the city.

During his time in the city in 1511 and 1512, Ezio Auditore utilized the building and its amenities. Accessible from both a small courtyard and Constantinople's tunnel system, the headquarters acted as an ideal location for the Assassins to continue operations during the Byzantine Templars attempt at reoccupation.


The Galata headquarters functioned similar to both the Villa Auditore and the Tiber Island headquarters, albeit with several additional features. Its rooms included a large cavernous entranceway leading to a main hall, a bomb crafting room – unlike its Italian counterparts – and an armory divided into two sections like that of the Villa Auditore.

One room displayed acquired weaponry, while the other held armor sets. In place of a painting gallery, the Galata headquarters housed a library, in which books purchased from shops and recovered by deciphering the Polo Symbols were displayed.

Also, upon the completion of the corresponding Guild challenges in the city, the appropriate Guild's crest appeared on walls within the library, and were labeled to have been awarded to Ezio by the attributed factions in tribute to his skill.

Any recruits of the Order could often be seen milling around or speaking to each other in the rooms of the headquarters when they were not out on missions.

The banners displayed throughout the base were unlike that seen at the Villa Auditore or Tiber Island, as the Ottoman variant of the Assassin insignia occupied the building instead.



There were two entrances to the Galata headquarters: the street entrance, and a tunnel entrance.

  • Street entrance: The street entrance was located at the eastern side of the building, inside a small courtyard.
  • Tunnel entrance: The tunnel entrance was located to the west of the main hall but could be accessed through any of the tunnel entrances scattered throughout the city. The entrance had been boarded up when Ezio first arrived Constantinople, but after the Assassins had regained more power in the city, it became unlocked.

Main hall[]


The main hall

The main hall was the focal point of the headquarters' interior. Introduced through a large foyer, it housed entrances to all of the other rooms, and held a Guild management area and a ranking board.

Bomb-crafting room[]


The bomb-crafting table

The bomb-crafting room was located to the south of the foyer. It was separated from the rest of the headquarters, presumably in an attempt to limit damage or injury caused by accidents. The room contained crafting supplies, a bomb codex and a crafting table.



Ezio's desk

The library was situated north of the main hall. It held books bought from shops throughout Constantinople, texts purchased in Cappadocia and literature recovered by deciphering the Polo Symbols. Guild crests awarded to Ezio were displayed on the walls of the library, and a desk close to the entrance was dedicated to Ezio during his stay in the city. Here he wrote letters to his sister Claudia and also studied Masyaf Keys he acquired.

Library collection[]


The armory in the Galata headquarters was divided into two rooms. One served as the weapon store, located to the south of the main hall, and the other as the armor store, located to the west of the main hall.

Weapon store[]

Weapon room

Weapon room

The weapon store housed all weaponry purchased from blacksmiths, as well as weapons gifted to Ezio by the city's factions. Another weapon retrieved by Ezio, while searching for the resting place of Vlad Tepes, was also stored here. The weapon store had a total of two short blade stands, four weapon racks and three heavy weapon racks, as well as an individual stand for Vlad Tepes' sword.

On the purchase of the weapons pack from Uplay, another weapons rack was included within the weapon store, which held various Roman swords.


Armor store[]


Armor room

The armor store displayed sets of armor purchased by, awarded to and retrieved by Ezio Auditore. There were five in total, of which three sets of armor were purchased in blacksmiths throughout Contantinople (Azap, Mamluk and Sepahi), one set was awarded to Ezio (Master Assassin Armor) and one set was retrieved (Armor of Ishak Pasha).