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Gaius Cassius Longinus (c. 85 BCE – 42 BCE) was a Roman Senator, general and one of the earliest members of the Hidden Ones in Rome. Alongside with fellow Hidden Ones Amunet and his brother-in-law Marcus Junius Brutus, they orchaestrated the plot to assassinate Gaius Julius Caesar in the Theatre of Pompey on the Ides of March.


Assassination of Julius Caesar

In 47 BCE, Cassius was recruited by Aya into the Hidden Ones, alongside Brutus. Intending to combat the Order of the Ancients in Rome, they regrouped in the hideout below the Library of Alexandria to make preparations. They later assisted Aya against Roman ships in the Mediterranean Sea before making the journey to Rome and establishing a branch there.[1]

Following Gaius Julius Caesar's promotion to dictator of the Roman Republic, the Hidden Ones recruited the thirty nine Roman senators and began to plot Caesar's assassination, calling themselves Liberatores.[2] 

On 14 March 44 BCE, Cassius met his fellow Liberatores underneath Rome, telling them that their plan to stop Caesar's ascension had failed. Brutus and Cassius then deemed assassination the only option. They pleaded with Aya not to kill him immediately as he had to be killed in public, leaving the Roman populace respond to the spectacle.[3] The following day, on the Ides of March, Aya, Brutus and Cassius arrived at the Theatre of Pompey, intending to carry out the assassination.[4]

While Aya went to dealt with Lucius Septimius, a member of the Order, Brutus and Cassius were forced with the only choice of delaying Caesar before they could carry on with their plan. After Aya killed Septimius and arrived at the Senate to deliver the first stab, Cassius, along with Brutus and twenty three other senators, followed and stabbed Caesar to death.[5][4]

Fleeing from Rome

Cassius, Brutus, and Aya confront Mark Antony

Three hours after Caesar's assassination, the people had begun to riot. Mark Antony had been stoking the flames of rebellion. Cassius and Brutus fled to the aqueduct supply storage and later had an unconscious Aya brought there too. Aya and Brutus quarreled over the methods they had used, with Brutus preaching the Roman way and Aya the Alexandrian. Meanwhile Cassius tried to calm them, stating the need to flee.[6]

Sometime after fleeing, Aya was captured by Antony and tossed into a hippopotamus patrolled aqueduct. An hour after she was, Cassius and Brutus came to her rescue and the three of them fled via an underwater opening. However after exiting the aqueduct, they were met with Antony and his men.[7] Fighting their way through the crowd, the trio confronted Antony. Brutus was enraged by Antony compelling the public by fear, he ultimately spared his life though.[8]

Cassius followed Brutus to Makedonia, however, Antony's men soon caught up to them, in the ensuing battle, Cassius was killed. Faced with defeat, Brutus fled and committed suicide.[8]

Behind the scenes

Gaius Cassius Longinus is a historical character in Assassin's Creed: Origins, in which he is voiced by English actor James Barriscale.




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