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Gabriel Laxart (born 1411) was a French soldier who fought alongside Jeanne d'Arc as her "shadow" during the Hundred Years' War.


Early life

Born a bastard, Gabriel lived with his mother and stepfather in Nancy, never really knowing the truth about his descent. He assisted the family business by counting coins, managing receipts and inventory. The truth of his parentage was only revealed when his stepfather died from a fever. Gabriel’s mother soon started to follow the same fate and had Gabriel write a letter to his biological father, Durand Laxart.[1]

Meeting Jeanne

After their deaths by 1428, Durand took him over to Burey-en-Vaux to work with the livestock. Despite being a bastard, he was treated well by his stepmother and step-cousins.[1] On 1 May, a feast day, of the same year, Gabriel was sent to visit his d’Arc cousins, Jean and Pierre. This was the first time he met Jeanne whom he immediately had a teenage crush with.[2] The two became fast friends and by 12 May, Jeanne joined him back to Burey-en-Vaux, where she asked him to help her with her sacred mission.[1]

Her mission remained a secret from her friend, but Gabriel faithfully granted her request to help her convince Durand Laxart to take her to Vacouleurs. Arriving there, Captain Robert de Baudricourt refused to grant them an audience. By 7 January 1429, there was still no news and both Joan and Gabriel were getting frustrated. Gabriel asked his father to return home with his stepmother and half-brother while he comforted the weeping Joan. They later met de Baudricourt's squire Jean de Metz and Gabriel witnessed how Joan's radiance convinced the squire to accompany her.

Noticing his potential, Laxart was given basic training by the Assassins to help protect Jeanne, but in the end he never joined the Brotherhood as he didn't share their cause. The Templars later offered him a place at their side, but he refused because he didn't want to be involved with the conflict.


In 2016, Laxart's descendant, high-ranking Templar Simon Hathaway, relived his memories through the Animus in order to find a way to repair Jeanne's Sword of Eden in the present.[3]

Personality and characteristics

Gabriel was loyal and brave to the point that the Assassins had noted his talents and potential. However, they realized that Laxart did not have the heart to follow their Creed nor to fight for freedom because his loyalty was only to Jeanne and nothing else.

Equipment and skills

With a very high concentration of Precursor DNA, Laxart was able to equip Eagle Vision unconsciously and could learn acrobatic and combat skills faster than normal students.

Romantic life

Laxart loved Jeanne, revering the leader of the resistance. He was so stricken by her that during their first meeting, Simon Hathaway, who was reliving his memories, desynchronized violently. After their meeting, he thought of her as strange but, as they spent more time together, he grew to love and serve the French saint. Jeanne’s light also attracted Gabriel, as it did other people to her.



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