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"Thank you, Gérald. You're a true, true friend."
―Aveline to Gérald, 1769.[src]

Gérald Blanc (born 1745) was an accountant in the employ of Philippe de Grandpré, as well as a member of the Louisiana Brotherhood of Assassins.

Operating from a warehouse in New Orleans, he supported the Brotherhood by passing on orders and supplying intelligence gathered by his network of informants. Gérald also worked closely with Aveline de Grandpré in eliminating business rivals and protecting her family's trading empire.

In 2012, his genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by the entertainment branch of the Templar company Abstergo Industries, as part of their geosimulation workspace on the portable version of the Animus console, under the title of the Gentleman.


Early life

Born in Acadia in 1745, Gérald's family was one of many that fiercely rebelled against the British occupation. The Acadians' refusal to sign an oath of allegiance to Britain eventually led to the Great Expulsion, during which Gérald lost his parents and was deported.[1]

Arriving in New Orleans at the age of ten, Gérald managed to find work as an errand boy under Philippe de Grandpré, a French merchant, and became a close friend of Philippe's daughter, Aveline de Grandpré. As he grew older, Gérald would go on to become a clerk and accountant, helping Philippe in maintaining his trading enterprises.[1] Along with Aveline, he was recruited into the Assassin Brotherhood by Agaté in 1759 and trained as an information officer.[2]

Signs of trouble

"I recognized a name – Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer – a known enemy. I don't know what his business is here, but we can be assured it's more than er... simple larceny."
―Gérald on de Ferrer's presence in New Orleans, 1765.[src]

In 1765, Gérald's spy network had learned of a plantation from which slaves where inexplicably vanishing. Although the owners had reported their escape, the slaves hadn't reached any of the safe houses, prompting Gérald to contact Aveline. With Gérald's preparations, Aveline was able to easily infiltrate the plantation, where she rescued a slave named Thérèse and assassinated the person responsible for the disappearances.[2]

Taking Care of Business 2

Gérald speaking with de Saint Maxent

Later that year, Gérald went to meet with Gilbert-Antoine de Saint Maxent, one of Philippe's business partners, after several shipments had gone missing. However, de Saint Maxent proved to be ineffectual in alleviating the problem, claiming that the young accountant would be better off interrogating the captain of the ship that had been responsible for transporting the goods.[2]

Discouraged by the men guarding the vessel, Gérald returned to the warehouse, while Aveline, who had eavesdropped on the conversation, managed to bribe her way aboard and found out where the shipments had gone. She then entrusted Gérald with informing her father of the goods' recovery.[2]

From documents Aveline had procured aboard the corrupt captain's ship, Gérald learned of a known Templar, Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer, as being active in New Orleans. Knowing the man would be present at a social soirée hosted by the governor, Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie, Gérald tasked Aveline with uncovering de Ferrer's true purpose and gifted her some money she could use to buy a dressing chamber. After doing so, Aveline discreetly infiltrated the governor's mansion and assassinated d'Abbadie, though de Ferrer slipped away and would remain at large for the coming years.[2]

Louisiana Rebellion

"This Spanish "gouverneur" has placed so many restrictions on trade, even plantation owners are practically "begging" for an excuse to riot."
―Gérald on the laws implemented by Antonio de Ulloa, 1768.[src]
Prelude to Rebellion 5

Gérald demonstrating the parasol gun's hidden function

By 1768, Gérald had turned the upper floor of the de Grandpré warehouse into the Assassins' new headquarters, making room for Aveline's weaponry and guises. During one of her visits, he gave her a special parasol, which he had constructed, and informed her of a merchant that was slandering de Grandpré's reputation.[2]

After Aveline had scared the soon-to-be bankrupt man into submission, she bought one of his shops and returned to Gérald, who told her he had sent out informants who would look for similar opportunities. With the issue of disappearing slaves having resurfaced, Gérald suggested Aveline start her investigation in San Danje. To speed up her journey, he arranged for a transport service to take her to the bayou's settlement, assuring her that the business would cover the costs.[2]

Later that year, Aveline returned, frustrated with her failure of finding out where the slaves were going, but having confirmed the Spanish were behind the increased kidnappings. Positing that the directive must be coming from governor Antonio de Ulloa, Gérald agreed to help Aveline in drawing de Ulloa out of La Balize, his hiding place. The pair then went to the Place d'Armes, where Aveline used the tense crowd to incite a massive riot.[2]

In Vino Veritas 6

Gérald and Aveline in the stolen gunpowder carriage

Having received news of a gunpowder delivery, Gérald informed Aveline of this, but was adamant that he should accompany her, as he was tired of the tedium that his role in the Assassins brought and fancied a change of pace. Although Aveline managed to discreetly eliminate the guards protecting the carriage, she and Gérald were spotted and fired upon as they attempted to escape. With the docks as their destination, the pair rode at high speeds through the cluttered streets of New Orleans, but found their rig to be set ablaze en route.[2]

Upon reaching the Place d'Armes, Gérald and Aveline abandoned the carriage, causing it to crash into a nearby winery and explode. Since Gérald had landed roughly, Aveline entered the burning building alone and saved the civilians trapped inside. After she returned, Gérald suggested they regroup at the warehouse to devise another plan.[2]

The next day, Gérald instructed Aveline to destroy a Spanish military vessel, which was vital to de Ulloa, allowing her to then draw out the governor and set up an ambush. Through Agaté, Gérald later found out Aveline had spared de Ulloa and was planning to journey to Mexico, where she might find out what the Templars were up to. Meeting her at the docks in 1769, he confessed how much Aveline meant to him, but knew he could not stop her. After giving her some last advice and taking her weapons for safekeeping, Gérald watched Aveline depart on a slave ship.[2]

Search for the Company Man

"I'm afraid I must now spoil your homecoming with... business. There has been... strange activity. Men in Spanish uniforms raising havoc in the bayou."
―Gérald regarding the Company Man's machinations, 1771.[src]
The Prodigal Daughter 3

Gérald restoring Aveline's weapons to her upon her return from Mexico

In Aveline's absence, Gérald ran the de Grandpré business by himself for two years, during which the Spanish became more favorable towards the emancipation of slaves. However, by the time of Aveline's return in 1771, he had gotten word of rogue Spanish troops that were raising havoc in the bayou. After giving back her weapons, Gérald asked Aveline to investigate whether or not this faction was affiliated with the elusive Company Man.[2]

While Aveline's investigations led to her tracking the movements of a man named Vázquez over the next five years, Gérald's network of spies became compromised, with several of his informants dying of poisoning. When Aveline came to him in 1776, desperate to find Vázquez, he could only speculate that the Templar may present himself at a prestigious ball which was being held that evening. Possessing no other alternative, Aveline and Gérald attended the ball, where Aveline managed to locate and assassinate Vázquez.[2]

The Last Dance 9

Gérald with Aveline and Madeleine at Philippe's grave

As the pair departed however, they were met by Madeleine de L'Isle, Aveline's stepmother, who informed them of Philippe's passing. Later, at Philippe's grave in Saint Peter's Cemetery, Gérald assured Aveline that, though she couldn't inherit her father's wealth or mansion, he considered her the owner of the de Grandpré business, which had been left to Gérald.[2]

By 1777, Gérald's network had largely recovered and even expanded, getting him in touch with the Colonial Assassins. Thanks to them, he learned of Officer Davidson, a Templar serving in Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment that could reveal the Company Man's true identity. Gérald then left instructions for Aveline in her pigeon coop, telling her to meet up with fellow Assassin Connor, who had agreed to aid her in her mission, in New York.[2]

Upon her return that same year, Aveline confronted Madeleine, who turned out to be the Company Man, following which she visited her Mentor Agaté, ultimately resulting in his suicide. With Madeleine attempting to recruit her into the Templar Order, Aveline recognized Agaté's unfortunate death as an opportunity and informed Gérald, before acting out her plan. Having used her induction as a ploy to assassinate Madeleine and her cohorts, Aveline was then joined by Gérald in the Saint Louis Cathedral, their conflict with the region's Templars finally over.[2]

Personality and characteristics

"I know what you think. Blanc the Sensible. Blanc the Boring. I'm more than just an accountant, Aveline!"
―Gérald wanting to participate in a mission, 1768.[src]
Elegant and Deadly 6

Gérald offering advice to Aveline

Gérald was a mild-mannered, well-educated and intelligent person. Despite this, he was easily flustered, causing him to frequently pause while speaking to gather his thoughts. What he lacked in eloquence however, he made up with dedication and helpfulness, especially to Aveline, as exemplified by him turning the de Grandpré warehouse into their headquarters, aiding her in her efforts to free slaves and constructing a new weapon for her to use.[2]

As the Order's primary information officer in New Orleans, Gérald was tasked with gathering intelligence and passing on orders. In spite of his competence at this, he sometimes seemed dissatisfied with his role, worrying that he appeared boring and straight-laced compared to Aveline. On one occasion, he felt the need to prove himself as a daring individual to her, by agreeing to accompany her on a mission to draw out de Ulloa. However, once immediate danger presented itself and he was forced to jump from a horse-drawn cart to save his life, he stated that he had had enough excitement to last him a good while.[2]

Romantic life

"Is that all he has to offer? I should think for all his attention, he would request your hand–"
―Madeleine commenting on Gérald's feelings for Aveline, 1765.[src]
Southbound 2

Gérald confessing his feelings to Aveline

Gérald, having known Aveline since childhood, was quite obviously enamored with her, supporting her in her many endeavors as both an Assassin and businesswoman. His infatuation with her was revealed on many occasions; he admitted to missing her upon her return from Mexico and at one point volunteered to be her date at a party to find the person Aveline believed to be the Company Man. When Aveline's father passed away, he assured her the de Grandpré business was hers, even if it had been left in his name.[2]

Although his feelings for her were clear, Aveline remained far more ambiguous on the matter. While she was genuinely fond of him and aware of his sentiments, she seemed unwilling to enter into a relationship with him, claiming they "couldn't mix work with feelings". However, she was not above the odd flirtatious remark, making it difficult to determine the true nature of their relationship.[2]


  • Gérald's ambiguous relationship with Aveline made him a subject of interest during Abstergo's ancestral research of Aveline in the early 1980s. Despite interviews with Subject 1, a descendant of Aveline, they were unable to ascertain whether or not Gérald was the missing link in her ancestral line.[3]
  • In an effort to portray the Assassins as dangerous individuals, the Liberation database entry that Abstergo had created for Gérald claimed that he was "deceptive to the core", with his gentle nature and politeness merely being a front.
  • Gérald is derived from the Germanic Gerald, meaning "rule of the spear", comprised of the elements ger "spear" and wald "rule". Blanc is French for "white".




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