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Fun and Games was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob and Roth set out to destroy one of Starrick's workshops.


As Jacob was about to enter the Alhambra Music Hall, Roth stepped out.

  • Roth: Ah! This way, my dear. I've something to show you!
    Hop in!

Jacob took the reins to Roth's carriage.

  • Jacob: Where are we going?
  • Roth: One of Starrick's workshops, where they build weapons for his army. When the world is full of nasty things, we must tear those things apart. A man like Starrick builds a world around his own desires, so we lose the ability to dream for ourselves. Therefore, we must-
  • Jacob: Strike.
  • Roth: Precisely! No matter the cost... Every second of hestitation allows Starrick to build.

Jacob and Roth reached the workshop and ascended a nearby rooftop.

  • Jacob: What a funk in here.
  • Roth: You must see the potential, dear Jacob. This workshop is one of Starrick's! Set the dynamite, and let's blow it to atoms. Together.
Jacob carrying Explosive to burn house M3

Jacob carrying a crate of dynamite

Jacob placed crates of dynamite around the workshop.

  • Jacob: That's one.
    And done!

He returned to Roth on the rooftop.

  • Jacob: All rigged up.
  • Roth: Perfect, let's put our plan into action... Stand back! Ready!

As Roth directed his Blighters, Jacob noticed children entering the workshop.

  • Jacob: Wait!
  • Roth: Whatever for?
  • Jacob: There are children in there!
  • Roth: Jacob, my dear, Starrick uses child labor to manufacture goods. We must put an end to his production line.
  • Jacob: But not like this.
  • Roth: Why not?! I can do whatever I damn well please! Soon, you will understand what it is to be free, as I am. Light 'em up, boys!

The Blighters ran towards the dynamite and prepared to ignite it.

  • Jacob: No!
Jacob's cannonball M3

Jacob leaps down onto one thug of the Blighters

Leaping down onto one of the Blighters, Jacob killed him with his kukri.

  • Roth: What the hell are you doing?!
  • Jacob: We're not playing games anymore, Roth!

Jacob ran towards the workshop.

  • Roth: No. We're not.

The dynamite blew up and Jacob entered the burning workhouse, where he kicked open a door.

  • Jacob: Out you get, move quickly, no time to idle!

While the children ran out, Jacob carried the wounded ones outside and fended off attacking Blighters. Roth's henchman, Lewis, then approached with a box.

  • Lewis: A gift, sir, from Mr. Roth. You should be warned, Mr. Frye, that when Roth is angry with one, he generally brings suffering to many.

Jacob read a letter placed on the box.

  • Letter: My dearest Jacob. Alas, it seems our adventures have come to a close. Although our time together was brief, it's left a lasting mark. I wish you well in all your future endeavors. Cordially, Maxwell. Post scriptum: I'm putting on a show this evening. All of London will be there. Enclosed, please find your invitation.

Opening the box, Jacob saw Roth's dead pet crow inside.


After learning of Roth's immoral ways, Jacob cut his ties with the crimeboss.



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