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Fulke (died c. 875), also known as the Instrument, was a Flemish scholar and a member of the Order of the Ancients who served as Maegester of the Wardens of Relics sect.


Early life

Fulke was born Bruges in the region of Flanders which at that period of time was part of the Carolingian Empire and suffered from numerous Viking raids from the north.[1] With a fish-wife as a mother, Fulke grew up in a blooming community, which was doing well in its trade endeavors. With merchants passing on by, Fulke listened on their conversations, which stemmed from their travels as far as the Baltic Sea. From these speeches, Fulke dreamed of a long adventure. Being self-taught to read, Fulke looked over any reading material she found and this led her to accumulate certain perspectives and truths.[2]

Along her self-education journey, Fulke also came across references of Isu relics and followed their trail with a vigor. Catching the Order's attention, Fulke was offered a place within the organization. Despite her actual beliefs, Fulke had her talent speak for herself and rose quickly from Palatinus to Maegester. However, she retained the title, "Paladin" for unknown personal reasons.[2]

In her early years of service, Fulke served in the court of Holy Roman Emperor Louis, himself a leader of the Order of the Ancients like his great-grandfather Charlemagne. There, the emperor tasked her to decipher numerous documents that contained an unknown script and language, transcribed from an etchings of a Palatinus who served in the days of Charlemagne.[3] While initially struggling to decipher these words, Fulke worked to expand her knowledge and continued her search for Isu relics throughout Germania and Francia.[4]

Deciphering the Saga Stone

In the early 870s, Fulke travelled to the island of Great Britain and joined the service of King Aelfred of Wessex, himself the Grand Maegester of the Order in England. Serving as his personal attendant, Fulke continued her research of Isu artifacts which took her to Oxenefordscire.[5] There, she came into possession of a piece of relic belonging to the late Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok. Dubbing it as the Saga Stone, she tasked an acolyte by the name of Paul to relocate it to the Evinghou Tower before she was captured by Lady Eadwyn's men for her heretic beliefs and heresy against the Church.[4]

After the rescue of Thegn Geadric, the mention of a holy woman named Fulke came under discussion. However, Fulke's location was known by a Thegn Holt, who was captured. After the freeing of the thegns, Fulke was detailed by Viking Sigurd Styrbjornsson to his adopted sister, Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan. Fulke was seen as a holy woman, who specializes in prophecies and secret knowledge. Fulke's location was later given from Thegn Holt, who said that she was captured by Lady Eadwyn.[6]

Fulke rescued by Eivor, Basim, and Sigurd

Fulke was apparently held at Saint Albanes Abbey, by Holt's words. At the monastery's crypt, Fulke was being held by a monk guarding her. After the monk was dealt with, Fulke was freed by Sigurd, Eivor, and Hidden One Basim Ibn Ishaq. Afterwards, Fulke led the way to a more private setting to talk with her rescuers.[4]

At the farm, Fulke spoke of an artifact called the Saga Stone, which came to England from the hands of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. While Sigurd and Eivor arguing, Fulke left them to resolve any differences. After their discussion, Fulke also promised that the stone was being kept by one of her acolytes. Fulke led the way to the stone. Arriving at Evinghou Tower, Fulke and her company went in to find her priest, but his place of refuge happened to be ransacked. The priest, Paul, was found dead and Fulke figured that Lady Eadwyn stole her stone. Fulke and her company were called by Lady Eadwyn, who surrounded the group and offered a deal, which was the stone for Geadric's head. However, the deal was rejected as Fulke fought with her company against Eadwyn's men. After defeating the soldiers, Fulke stood back as she watched the Viking siblings argue with each other.[7]

Fulke later spoke with Eivor about crippling Eadwyn's supplies and rations. Arriving at Eatun Barn, Fulke was met by Eivor to plan out the damage of Eadwyn's supply run. Fulke tried to buy the merchant's wares, but to no avail. However, Fulke was soon impressed that Eivor happened to relieve the merchant and took the supply from him. From here, Fulke and Eivor devised a plan to burn Eadwyn's reinforcements alive when they walked near the road. After their attack, Fulke talked with Eivor about Sigurd's proclamation of being a descendent of the Isu. Fulke stated she would join after she prayed for the dead they killed.[8]

Fulke betraying Eivor, Basim, and Sigurd

Fulke later joined Basim, Geadric, Eivor, and Sigurd, after the defenses of the Cyne Belle Castle were weakened.[9] After completing the assault successfully, Fulke, Sigurd, Eivor, and Basim headed inside the monastery and found the Saga Stone. Before trying to decipher the stone, King Aelfred arrived on the outskirts and Sigurd made sure to parlay instead of fight. Upon reaching a deal between Sigurd and King Aelfred, Fulke ran in and interrupted. Known as a Paladin, Fulke betrayed Sigurd and Eivor as she stated that Sigurd figured himself to be a God. Once Sigurd accepted his place and traded himself with Aelfred's war thane, Fulke, in private, asked Aelfred to have Sigurd in her care and Aelfred agreed.[10]

Upon Eivor's arrival back home, a letter from Fulke came and accepted by Randvi. Fulke stated Sigurd was in her care and her belief that he is a flesh descendant of the Gods is amazing. At the end of the letter, Fulke admitted to being part of the Order and her title, The Instrument.[11]

The Instrument of the Ancients

From Cent, Fulke's location was noted by Basim to Eivor in a letter. to this region and thus, Sigurd as well. Sparing no time, Eivor pledged to Cent, but is stopped by Dag, who just insulted her lack of attention and care for her home. Fulke was mentioned by Abbot Cynebert, who promised a meeting with Fulke to Eivor and Basim, if they could find the emissary, who had the new ealdorman of Cent's name.[12]

When Eivor talked to Cynebert, Fulke's location was briefly discussed but the topic shifted to finding fealty for the abbot to Thegn Tedmund. After a series of tasks, Fulke's whereabouts were close as Eivor and Basim succeeded in readying their siege on Tedmund.[13] Afterwards, the siege on Rouecistre Fortress proved successful, but the thegn seemingly committed suicide. Fulke's location was still demanded by Eivor to the abbot, who agreed and needed a day.[14]

Fulke surprising Eivor and Basim

The next day, Fulke surprised both Eivor and Basim, who entered into the abbot's chambers to see The Instrument greeting them. After a heated exchange, Fulke had no intention in giving up Sigurd and killed the abbot before the meeting took place. Fulke also admitted that Sigurd is a reincarnation of the gods from before. After leaving Basim and Eivor, Fulke ordered her guards to kill them and then bring their bodies to Canterbury. Fulke and Sigurd were apparently traveling together, as Basim and Eivor sought to find them in Cantebury. Past a red door below the cathedral in Cantebury, a dark room was filled with rats and a bloody torture chair. On top of the chair, a box contained a severed arm of Sigurd, which was happened at the hands of Fulke. However, Fulke's location was discovered to be at a fortress at Portcestre, Suthsexe.[15]

The Siege of Portcestre and death

After some time, in Croindene, Fulke's opposition grew as Eivor was met by her allies, such as Guthrum, Basim, and Reeves Erke Bodilsson and Stowe from Lunden. Before the assault on Portcestre, Fulke's scouts within the woods were taken out by Eivor personally. However, Fulke's forces ambushed Eivor and her company. Soon, Fulke's champion came along and killed one of Eivor's friend, Brothir. Nevertheless, Fulke's champion fell to Eivor and was defeated.[16]

After the ambush, the focus shifted to weaken Fulke's supplies and infantry. Thus, Fulke's enemies took over a Saxon camp, Forward Camp,[17] burnt grain silos[18] and supply houses,[19] and sabotaged her boats and soldiers.[20]

Fulke taunting Eivor from Portcestre

Before the start of the siege, Fulke called out for reinforcements from Wincestre, which was confirmed by Soma to Eivor. Before the assault, Fulke met with Eivor, Soma, and Ubba above from a tower at the main gate of Portcestre. After a heated exchange, Fulke taunted Eivor to try to come and rescue a screaming Sigurd. After Eivor made her way inside the fortress, Fulke was nowhere to be found. All that was found was another bloody chair of torture. Yet, outside, Fulke was seen running to the fortress' church by Eivor.[21]

When Eivor entered the church with Basim, Fulke left a bleeding Sigurd while stating that she done all she could and that the rest is up to Eivor. Escaping through a hidden ground passage, Fulke made her escape as Eivor and Basim tended to Sigurd. Soon, Fulke was followed by Eivor, while Basim took care of Sigurd. Fulke found herself in a dark chamber as Eivor caught up with her. Fulke talked to Eivor about the general darkness, but Eivor shut her out and wanted no more babble, but bloodshed instead. During the battle, Fulke fled once again only to be met by Eivor's army, surrounding her. The army stopped Fulke, who was soon met by Eivor, who vowed to deal with her personally.[21]

Fulke's last fight

Fulke, realizing this is the end for her, stated that Sigurd is now truly open to the reality of his fate. Fulke picked up a giant cross from the ground and then stated to Eivor that if she is going to die, Eivor was coming with her. With one last ditch effort, a bloodied Fulke fought against Eivor one last time. However, Fulke was overpowered and was killed in battle. After her death, Fulke left behind a medallion and a clue, relating towards the Grand Maegester of the Order of the Ancients. The clue stated that The Instrument must always follow "The Father's" orders, not her own. Thus, Fulke's torturous and murderous rampage ended.[21]

City of Faith

Within another Temple of Mithras in Wincestre, a letter to the Order from the deceased Fulke was found. The letter summarized that Fulke discovered Aelfred's correspondence with the enemy, Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ, and ordered that Aelfred be burned to ash. Thus, Fulke decided to kill Aelfred before her demise.[22]

Behind the scenes

Fulke is a character in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. She is voiced by French actress Gaia Weiss.


  • Fulke is one of four Order members who wanted and planned for the death of King Aelfred, along with The Seax, The Gallows, and The Quill.
  • Whether before or after Fulke's death, the letter found in the Temple of Mithras under Wincestre summarized that Fulke ordered that Aelfred be burned to ash for his betrayal. Fulke did not join the three Order members, most likely because of her time studying Sigurd's nature as a Sage.
  • For unknown reasons, Fulke found herself to be the only Warden of Relics, unlike other branches of the Order in England.
  • Her title, The Instrument, coincidentally echoes the name of Instruments of the First Will, a secret organization which sought to revive the Isu Juno and restore humanity's place as slaves beneath their creators.




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