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AC4 Queen Anne's Revenge

Blackbeard's frigate, the Queen Anne's Revenge

The frigate was a class of warship operated by, among others, the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese navies. In the case of the Spanish and British navies, they also served as money ships in naval convoys, often carrying up to 5,000 Spanish reales.

During the Golden Age of Piracy, the frigate was among the most well-armed class of warships in operation throughout the Caribbean, shy of the greater Man O' War. Each ship bore three masts, and was capable of fielding up to forty-six guns over two decks; on top of this, they were fitted with heavy shot.

During the Seven Years' War, frigates were a common ship of both the Royal Navy and the French Navy as well as the Assassin Fleet. At the Siege of Louisbourg, Battle of Quiberon Bay, and the Battle of Labrador, frigates are the lead ships of the first wave of the French Navy during these battles.

Frigates use their mix of speed and firepower to move alongside ships, deliver broadsides and then move out of the way of returning fire. 


Notable frigates


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