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Friend of the Family was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Maria Auditore confronted Ezio about his fight with Vieri de' Pazzi. Ezio, however, innocently declined his involvement in any fights, and accompanied his mother on her errand into the city.


  • Maria: Buon giorno (Hello), Ezio!
  • Ezio: Buon giorno a voi, madre. Come state? (Hello mother. How are you?)
  • Maria: Sto bene! (I'm good!) And you? Still recovering from last night?
  • Ezio: I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Maria: Of course not. Anyway, I have an errand to run. I'd like you to join me.
  • Ezio: Con piacere. (With pleasure.)
  • Maria: Come. It's not far from here.
Friend 2 v

Maria asking Ezio for help with an errand

Ezio and his mother walked to their destination together.

  • Maria: I know about your fight with Vieri...
  • Ezio: What fight?
  • Maria: Per piacere, (Please,) let's not play this game.
  • Ezio: He spoke ill of us. I could not allow him to continue.
  • Maria: I'm sure he's having a hard time dealing with the accusations against his father. Francesco de' Pazzi is many things – and none of them good. But even I never suspected he'd be capable of murder.
  • Ezio: What will happen to him?
  • Maria: I imagine there will be a trial.
  • Ezio: Will father speak at it?
  • Maria: He'll have to. He's the one with the evidence.
  • Ezio: Still, I wish there was another way.
  • Maria: You've nothing to fear. Everyone wants justice done. It is an unfortunate state of affairs, but it will pass.

They arrived at Leonardo da Vinci's workshop.

  • Maria: Here we are.

Maria knocked on the door and Leonardo greeted them.

  • Maria: Hello Leonardo.
  • Leonardo: Madonna Maria!
  • Maria: This is my son, Ezio.
  • Leonardo: Molto onorato. (It's a pleasure to meet you.)
  • Ezio: L'onore è mio. (The honor is mine.)
  • Leonardo: Let me go and fetch the paintings. I'll be right back.

He went into the workshop, while Ezio and Maria waited for him.

  • Maria: He's very talented.
  • Ezio: Immagino. (I guess.)
  • Maria: Self expression is vital to understanding and enjoying life. You should find an outlet.
  • Ezio: I have plenty of outlets.
  • Maria: I meant besides vaginas.
  • Ezio: Mother!
Friend 3 v

Leonardo arriving with the paintings

Leonardo returned with a box containing paintings.

  • Leonardo: Back to your house, then?
  • Maria: Sì. Sì. (Yes. Yes.) Ezio, help Leonardo, will you?

Ezio carried the box all the way to his home.

  • Leonardo: So, Ezio, what do you do?
  • Maria: He's been working for his father.
  • Leonardo: Ah! You're to be a banker?
  • Ezio: For now. And you? Art, was it?
  • Leonardo: Truth be told, it's been difficult for me to settle. Painting is nice, but I often feel like my work lacks... I don't know... purpose. Does that make sense? I'd rather contribute more practically. More directly, Architecture, perhaps. Or anatomy. I'm not content to merely to capture the world. I want to change it.
  • Maria: Oh, Leonardo! I have no doubt you'll go on to do great things!
  • Leonardo: Vi ringrazio, Madonna. (I thank you.) That's kind of you.

They reached the Palazzo Auditore.

  • Maria: Thank you for the help, son. Don't let me keep you from your other duties.
  • Leonardo: It was nice to meet you, Ezio. I hope our paths cross again.
  • Ezio: Anch'io. (Me too.)


Maria Auditore introduced Ezio to Leonardo da Vinci, who was just starting his career as an inventor and artist.



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