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Sister Frideswid (died 873), also known as the Leech, was an Anglo-Saxon nun and a Preost of the Order of the Ancients' Wardens of War who lived during the 9th century.


Early life and activities

Born in the Kingdom of Wessex, Frideswid bore witness to a horse accident in her early childhood, in which her sister broke her spine. Frideswid was intrigued by the injuries, and the fact that, while her sister's physical being was gravely damaged, her mind and soul remained intact. Following this incident, Frideswid began a lengthy study of anatomy, in the pursuit of making humans into something more durable. Some time after her sister's accident, Frideswid lost her entire family to a tragic fire, leaving her without anyone to look out for her.[1]

Taking note of Frideswid's aptitude for anatomy and healing, as well as her willingness to experiment on humans, often performing cruel procedures, the Order of the Ancients recruited her into their ranks, and she quickly became a Preost of the Warden of War.[1]

Discovery and death

In 873, Frideswid worked from a monastery in Lundun, where she built a reputation for being able to heal any ailment or injury a man could sustain. She was loved and respected by the community, including the Reeves, Stowe and Erke. Alongside two other members of the Order, The Arrow and The Compass, Frideswid infiltrated the villa of Governor Tryggr, where the three proceeded to kill the governor and several of his guards. Afterwards, Frideswid took the Governors head, as well as several of the guards' eyes, for experimentation.[2]

When the Reeves Stowe and Erke discovered the body, alongside the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan, they investigated the attack and found several clues that led them to a hidden temple, where the Order of the Ancients had made their hideout. There, Eivor found high-quality surgical equipment belonging to Frideswid. While investigating several bodies that had washed up from the river Thames, Eivor and Erke caught wind of a blacksmith with a reputation for shady dealings. Eivor observed this blacksmith and eventually interrogated him, thus identifying Frideswid as the Leech.[2]

Frideswid's final moments

Eivor sought her out at the Forum in Lundun, where Frideswid kept several patients, and killed her. With her final words, Frideswid told Eivor of the difference she had tried to make, and how humans as a species were flawed, but she might have been able to make them better. After Frideswid's death, Eivor took the sister's book, containing all her medical findings, and delivered it to Erke near St. Paul's Cathedral.[2]

The city of Lundun, unaware of Frideswid's illicit actions, was enraged at her death, blaming their Reeves for not doing their job. Similarly, The Compass, who had been away from the city, caught wind of Frideswid's death and sailed a small flotilla up the river to lay siege to the city in retaliation.[3]


  • In Frideswid's cutscene in the Memory Corridor, her last moments differ when compared to other Order members who have their medallion taken by Eivor, as she experienced her work of dead bodies alongside her, until two corpses pull a willing Frideswid down.
  • Her cutscene echoes those of two Order members assassinated by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa in Assassin's Creed: Origins. Like Taharqa, her spirit is "drowned" in the Memory Corridor,[4] and like Berenike, the "room" is filled with a number of corpses created through her own doing.[5]
  • Frideswid shares many similarities with the character of Garnier de Naplouse from the 2007 video game Assassin's Creed. Both abduct individuals to operate them in their hospitals. Even if their patients suffer through their treatment, they both think it is a small sacrifice for better their conditions.




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