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The inside of the vault

Freya's Cave was an Isu vault located in the hillside of Ravensthorpe in Mercia, England. It housed a compass, the Odin's Eye, which was capable of showing the way to Odin's Vault.[1]

Sometime after Hildiran arrived in England, she used Freya's medallion to create an illusion[2] of a meteor landing near Ravensthorpe. When the illusion's intended target, Eivor Varinsdottir arrived at the crash site, she met Hildiran, who was inspecting the "rubble" and revealed a door buried in the hill.[3]

Hildiran explained that only after Eivor had filled Freyja's medallion with the energy created in battle could she open the door to the vault. After completing the necessary challenges, Eivor returned to the vault and opened it. Inside, she found four notes in archways surrounding a central small pedestal, upon which rested the Odin's Eye. The Piece of Eden reacted to Eivor's presence by floating but quickly subsided. Though Eivor's curiosity was piqued by the Eye and purpose, she gave it to Hildiran for future study.[1]




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