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The French Revolutionary Wars (1792–1802) were a series of military conflicts fought between the French First Republic and a number of European monarchies.

A combination of outrage at revolution against France's "rightful monarchy", as well as a fear that revolutionary fever might spread throughout Europe, led to the Declaration of Pillnitz - support from the monarchs of Europe in the well-being of King Louis XVI of France and his family. This was seen as a serious threat by France's revolutionary leaders, who, in 1792, eventually voted in favor of war against the Kingdom of Austria.

Early in the conflict, an Austrian spy ring led by the Comte and Vicomte de Gambais operated within Paris, looking to obtain plans on the city's defenses. The spy ring was eradicated in early September of that year by the combined efforts of Georges Danton and Arno Dorian, a member of the French Assassins.

The latter years of the of the conflict saw an up-and-coming Napoleon Bonaparte rise to the elected position of Consulate, which quickly gave way to dictatorship, and ultimately saw him become "Emperor of the French" during the Napoleonic Wars.



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