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The French Empire, historiographically the First French Empire, was the empire of Napoleon Bonaparte and the dominant power of Europe at the beginning of the 18th century.

At its height, the Empire possessed territory in two continent—Europe and North America—though the North American territories of Louisiana and Saint-Domingue were sold and lost to rebellion, respectively, before Napoleon's final defeat.


Born out of the rapidly expanding French Republic, Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor on 18 May 1804. Utilizing the recently reclaimed Apple of Eden to lead his armies to victory, Napoleon's power expanded across the European continent.[1] Despite his possession of the Apple however, Napoleon's Empire still suffered defeats.

In 1805, during the Battle of Trafalgar, the Royal Navy, led by Admiral Horatio Nelson, defended the United Kingdom from Napoleon Bonaparte's naval advances in 1805. It was a victory that would be immortalised with the construction of Trafalgar Square, in London.[2]


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