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Admiral: "How dare you interfere with our affairs, pirate?"
Alonzo: "Interfering is my business, admiral! Especially when the navy preys on peaceful fishermen!"
Admiral: "Lectured by a pirate... what is the world coming to?"
—The Admiral taunting Alonzo[src]

An unidentified French Admiral (died March 1717) was a captain of the French Navy active in the Arctic Ocean during the early 18th century.


In March 1717, the admiral and his fleet were plundering an Inuit village located in the most northern parts of the Arctic Ocean. The pillaging came to a stop when the pirate Alonzo Batilla interfered and engaged battle. The admiral ordered his ships to attack Batilla, but the pirate sunk all of his vessels.[1]

He then fled the fight by maneuvering through the ice field, dropping mines along his way and managed to temporarily lose his pursuer, but was eventually rediscovered by Batilla, who now had cornered the admiral.[1]

However, the tables turned, as a third ship approached and now Batilla was trapped inside the ice maze. The pirate hunter Alvaro revealed himself to Batilla and they engaged battle. Although the odds were against him, the pirate managed to sink both ships, killing Alvaro and the admiral in the process.[1]



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