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Freewill was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Following the disaster in Lisbon, Shay went to confront his Mentor at the Homestead.


Hope intervened, putting herself between Shay and her Mentor.

  • Achilles: This cannot be.
  • Hope: Shay, a person cannot start an earthquake.
  • Shay: A person meddling with these Precursor machines could. You saw the Box, Hope. The Temple was filled to bursting with that kind of power. You made me SLAUGHTER INNOCENTS!
  • Hope: How dare you!
  • Shay: You defend him? Achilles sent me in there like Mackandal sent his man in Haiti. He knew.

Liam entered the room and helped Hope with restraining Shay.

  • Liam: What the hell's going on? Stop this!
  • Achilles: The operation was delicate, perhaps you-
  • Shay: You are shifting the earth itself. Who are you to decide what city falls next?
  • Achilles: Get him out of here.

Later that day, Shay mulled over the events at a campfire.

Freewill 4

Shay contemplating his next move

  • Shay: Liam is a fool if he thinks I'll leave this be. Achilles cannot be trusted. He must never find another Precursor Temple. I don't care that he's Mentor, or that his family is dead. There's no excuse for this level of madness!

Having made up his mind, Shay made his way towards the manor.

  • Shay: Only one thing to do.

Shay entered the manor and went upstairs to steal the Manuscript, which was kept in a locked drawer.

  • Shay: There's no turning back now...

Using his Hidden Blade, he broke open the lock and procured the document, though he was discovered by Achilles.

  • Achilles: I had such hopes for you, Shay.
  • Shay: Achilles. I have to do this.
  • Achilles: And what is it you're doing exactly? Stealing from your Brothers? Betraying me?
  • Shay: Someone must make amends.
  • Achilles: Make amends? You have no idea what you're doing. The future of the whole continent, maybe the whole world, is tied up in that Manuscript.
  • Shay: Perhaps. But we don't have the right to decide that future.
  • Achilles: The right? We have the responsibility!
  • Shay: WE are responsible for killing innocents and destroying cities! This... mad grab for power. It ends now.
  • Achilles: I will not let you destroy everything we have built!
Freewill 9

Achilles fighting Shay

A struggle ensued, during which Shay briefly managed to overcome Achilles. Using the opportunity, he escaped the manor by jumping through a window and landed safely in the snow.

  • Achilles: Assassins! Stop him! Stop Shay!

As the Assassins spread out, the Gerfaut began raining mortar fire on the area.

  • Assassins: Mortars!
    Run! Run away!
    Has Chevalier gone mad? He'll destroy the manor!
    Take cover!
    Get out of here!
    Watch out!
    What is de la Vérendrye doing?!
    Chevalier's using mortars to stop Shay!
    What's he thinking? He'll blast us to pieces!
Freewill 11

Liam firing at the powder kegs

Shay reached a narrow pass, while Liam attempted to block his path by shooting a stack of powder kegs and trigger a small landslide, though Shay still managed to slip through.

  • Hope: You won't hinder our plans!
    How could you, Shay?
    Have you gone mad?
    Haven't I taught you anything?
    Won't you listen to reason, Shay?

Shay continued running, evading his pursuers and Hope's smoke bombs as he did so. On a rock in the distance, Liam and Kesegowaase signaled more Assassins with a flare, before running off.

  • Kesegowaase: I will not let you run away.
    You cannot escape!
    I can see you!
    You will have to run faster than that!
Freewill 12

The Assassins cornering Shay

Eventually, Shay reached a dead end, coming to a stop atop a cliff overlooking the bay. His former Assassin allies quickly caught up with him, with Liam holding Shay at gunpoint to prevent him from running away again.

  • Liam: That's enough!
  • Hope: Give back the Manuscript, Shay. I'm sure Achilles-
  • Shay: I cannot. I will not let this happen again. All those souls lost... One more hardly matters.

Walking towards the edge of the cliff, Shay was shot in the back before falling down and plunging into the bay.

  • Liam: Shay!


Shay stole the manuscript from the Assassins, but was shot and heavily wounded during his escape attempt.


  • If Shay approaches Abigail and Connor Davenport's tombstones, the camera will focus on them for a brief moment.
  • If Shay activates Eagle Vision while approaching the manor, Achilles can be seen in the upstairs window, highlighted in red.
  • To the left, on the roof of the homestead, Kesegowaase can be seen performing the Leap of Faith from the chimney to hide in a leaf pile, but then seemingly vanishing thereafter.
  • In the game trailer, in this memory, Shay is seen wearing his Templar attire despite not earning it until later on in the game.



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