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Freedom of the Press was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Henry took Evie and Jacob to meet Alexander Graham Bell, a scientist and inventor who would be able to repair the rope launcher taken from Rexford Kaylock.


As Henry, Evie and Jacob entered Bell's office, the latter was transcribing telegraph messages.

  • Bell: Ah, blast 'em!
  • Henry: Aleck, whatever is the matter?
  • Bell: I have been intercepting nothing but poppycock propaganda about Soothing Syrup and whatnot. No, I swear to high heavens, if Starrick's monopoly continues-
  • Henry: Aleck, I beg your pardon, these are friends of mine, Evie Frye and her brother, Jacob.
  • Bell: Oh, um... Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Henry: Linguist, inventor and technical expert. Aleck, I have something of a favor to ask of you.

Jacob showed Bell the rope launcher.

  • Jacob: Can you fix this?

Bell took the launcher.

  • Bell: Hmmm, looks like the casing is cracked...

Bell dropped the launcher.

  • Bell: Oh, it comes apart. I say, I could have used one of these to fix my fuses on top of Big Ben.
  • Henry: Aleck is installing a new telegraph line for our Free Press Association.
  • Bell: To combat the Starrick Telegraph Company. Now, if I can mend the fuses connecting independent lines from Big Ben, Starrick will be weakened. Only, we are somewhat at a handicap.

Bell showed his bandaged hand. He then disconnected the rope mechanism from the launcher itself.

  • Bell: And, there. Oh, I've removed the mechanism so it may work with your bracer.
  • Jacob: I'll put it to use immediately.

Jacob prepared to fit the rope launcher to his Assassin Gauntlet.

ACS Freedom of the Press 18

Evie volunteering to help Bell repair the fuses

  • Evie: Jacob, wait. Mr. Bell, allow me to help with your fuses.
  • Bell: Oh, you will not find me too proud to accept, Ms. Frye. We can use my carriage. If you'd be so good as to hold the reins, though.

As Bell and Evie left, the latter took the rope launcher from Jacob.

  • Evie: I'll take that.
  • Bell: Erm, I can help you.

Bell fitted the rope launcher to Evie's Assassin Gauntlet. They then went outside.

  • Bell: Ah, Ms. Frye, I am so glad you could assist me.
    You really ought to be here by now.

Evie and Bell rode the latter's carriage for Big Ben.

  • Evie: So, Mr. Bell, what inventions are you concocting?
  • Bell: I intend to develop a phonetic telegraph that does not just convey dots and dashes, Ms. Frye, but the human voice!
  • Evie: Phonetic telegraph? Hmmm, sounds a bit of a mouthful. You could just call it a... telephone.
  • Bell: Telephone. Hah! How bizarre! Anyway, as I was saying earlier, the press has become entirely dependent on the Starrick Telegraph Company.
  • Evie: Which is why Mr. Green has asked you to set up a free line.
  • Bell: Yes. What is more, other small independent companies have had their lines sabotaged, and they have little means of finding any broken fuses, which are...
  • Evie: To be found on top of Big Ben.
  • Bell: Correct. Especially as one needs a special government pass to get through the guards.
  • Evie: They will not be a problem. I'll repair the fuses.

Dismounting the carriage, Evie used the rope launcher to ascend Big Ben and traverse the rooftops of the Palace of Westminster while installing the new fuses for the telegraph line.

  • Evie: Lovely view.
    All set.
    That should do it.
  • Guard 1: That Starrick's got it well sorted.
  • Guard 2: I've heard he's got a brilliant brain on him.
  • Guard 1: He'd outwit a troop of wolves! And if he controls the telegraphs, he controls the news!
ACS Freedom of the Press 10

Bell thanking Evie for her aid

Evie returned to Bell's carriage.

  • Bell: Thank you very much, Ms. Frye. I will now be able to continue with the installation of the new line!
  • Evie: If there's anything else I can do to help...
  • Bell: Certainly! Please do come by and visit. Oh! Erh, I was just toying with this device and have noted down the formula for you. It's not perfect yet, but by golly, it works!

Bell threw a smoke bomb into the ground, causing the horse to drive the carriage forward at great speed.

  • Bell: Whoa whoa whoa!! Maybe a little too well! Whoa!!

Evie made her way to a Blighter stronghold, where she looted several metal components to craft upgrades to her equipment.

  • Blighter 1: What's that shipment of cables for, then?
  • Blighter 2: The Starrick telegraph network, didn't you know? The boss says it'll be even bigger than the Electric and International.
  • Blighter 1: Oh yeah? Well I've heard the government wanna get their grobby hands on all the telegraph companies.
  • Blighter 2: I wouldn't worry about politicians. We know who really pulls the strings, don't we?
  • Blighter 1: But knowledge is power!
  • Blighter 2: And news is control of power!
  • Blighter 3: You can make or break any man with news. Even the top knobs.
  • Blighter 4: And how'd you work that out?
  • Blighter 3: Take Mr. Gladstone. Everyone knows he's a night walker, right? But what if news spreads he does more than walking and talking to your Lillies and your Mollies?
  • Blighter 4: Can't find fault in Mr. Disraeli, though. And bold as brass, he is.
  • Blighter 3: Ah, but dig deep enough... A man of sixty will have a whole garden full of buried bones... Keep it to yourself, but I heard Mr. Starrick say Disraeli had a secret daughter.
  • Blighter 4: Nah. The crafty old goat!
  • Blighter 3: Mum's the word, eh, about Disraeli and Gladstone.
  • Blighter 4: Count on me, I wouldn't wanna spoil the surprise for the country's most illustrious men of power!
  • Blighter 3: So you see, Billy boy, parliament won't be getting in the way of our Mr. Starrick. Cunning as a weasel, he is.

Evie returned to Bell's workshop.

ACS Freedom of the Press 14

Evie and Jacob with Bell

  • Bell: Ah, Ms. Frye, I was just showing Jacob the first messages received via the mended lines. Oh, and you can keep the rope launcher by the way, we have managed to procure another one for your brother. Excellent work, thank you again.
  • Evie: You're very welcome, Mr. Bell.
  • Bell: We can now defend the principle of impartial news and free speech.
  • Jacob: Free is fair, but free and brief is far better!
  • Bell: Haha, Frye, such caustic wit.
  • Evie: And on that note, we must depart.

Jacob and Evie left.

  • Bell: Oh, uh, good fortune to you both. Call on me anytime.

Jacob and Evie returned to Henry at the train.

  • Evie: Now that we've finished with that distraction-

Jacob saw Agnes speaking with a man.

  • Jacob: Who is that?

Jacob turned to Henry.

  • Jacob: Oh, you mean... you don't know?

The man approached them, speaking with a suspiciously feminine voice.

  • Ned: Beatiful train you've got here. Ms. MacBean was just telling me all about her. Name's Ned.

Ned shook hands with Henry.

  • Henry: How do you do?
  • Ned: I won't take up more of your time. If you want to learn a thing or two about the finest transit, you can find me at this address.

Ned gave Evie a card. She then stopped Jacob from taking it.

  • Evie: Let us return to locating the Piece of Eden.
  • Jacob: We need to reclaim London from Starrick. Who are my targets?
  • Evie: It's not time for that yet.

Jacob pointed at Henry.

ACS Freedom of the Press 16

Jacob arguing with Evie

  • Jacob: I didn't come to London to hunt curios!
  • Evie: "First understand the dance, only then become the dancer."
  • Jacob: Oh? So you're taking over where Father left off?
  • Evie: Someone has to.
  • Henry: Evie, finding the Precursor artifact will give us an insight into what the Templars intend. Jacob, I have information about Starrick's associates that should be of use to you. Here.

Henry pointed to portraits of Starrick's associates.


Jacob and Evie received rope launchers that allowed for better navigation and also helped Alexander Graham Bell set up an independent telegraph line to break Starrick's monopoly over the media. Back at the train, they made the acquaintance of Ned Wynert and began planning their next move.



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