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Freedom Isn't Free was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra followed Agapios' advice and met with him at the Slave Market to follow on the leads she found on the The Dagger.


Kassandra met with Agapios and his master near the Slave Market.

  • Agapios: No, no, no, this can't—how is this possible?!
  • Magistrate: Agapios, what's wrong? What have you found?
  • Agapios: Master, it's a name. Written in the records over and over again. The name of the man leading The Dagger. The Kingfisher.

  • Kassandra: Once you know the Kingfisher's real name, bring him to a court of law. he and The Dagger have wounded Euboea—Euboea should have a chance to decide his fate.

  • Kassandra: You should tear this Kingfisher open with his own blades and hang the corpse as a warning to any who would dare cross Euboea.
  • Magistrate: Typical misthios thinking. It's not that simple.

  • Magistrate: Agapios, tell her.
  • Agapios: When we were young, when we'd play, I was the Robin, and the Kingfisher... was my brother. But he died, he-he... should be dead. I mourned him. I made him a grave! Please tell me he's not one of them. I beg you, tell me my brother's not a Dagger!

  • Kassandra: You know your brother better than these records. If you believe this Kingfisher isn't him, then you're right.
  • Agapios: Thank you, yes. The boy I knew—there's no way he could be involved in this.

  • Kassandra: Your brother is likely involved in this, Agapios. If he is the Kingfisher, he's working with The Dagger.
  • Agapios: No. That's not the boy I knew. He protected me, saved me. He's - whoever this Kingfisher is, it can't be my brother.

(If "How do you know your brother died?" is chosen)

  • Kassandra: When your brother died, did you... did you see his body?
  • Agapios: No, no body at all. No sign, no word, nothing. After mater died, pater was... not as fit to feed us as he once was, so my brother made sure we never went hungry. He would fish, every day. Until he didn't return.

("Tell me your brother's name.")

  • Kassandra: Your brother can't have been born the "Kingfisher."
  • Agapios: Of course he wasn't! Neritos. His name was Neritos. Older than me—More trouble than me, too. Fighting, stealing—But he always looked out for me.

The Magistrate talks to Agapios

  • Magistrate: Nothing is more important to Euboea's survival than stopping The Dagger. I'm sorry, old friend—the Kingfisher must be dealt with, whether he's your brother or not.
  • Agapios: I—yes, master. I understand.

The magistrate left.

  • Agapios: Please misthios, help me uncover the Kingfisher's true identity. We can clear my brother's name and stop The Dagger. Euboea would be in your debt—more in your debt. The Magistrate's treasury runs deep... Your reward would not be small.

(Accept – I'll help you.)

  • Kassandra: Whatever it takes, I'm in. Family can be... complicated. We'll clear your brother's name and save all Euboea while we're at it.
  • Agapios: I know a farmer who's had dealings with The Dagger's inner circle. If anyone's seen the Kingfisher's true face, it's him.
  • Kassandra: I should pay him a visit. Any other leads?
  • Agapios: There's a shipwreck along Euboea's southern coast, and the theater in Chalkis City has been spreading The Dagger's lies.

(If "How will a shipwreck help us?" is chosen.)

  • Kassandra: We're in a war, ships are sunk daily. Why does this ship matter?
  • Agapios: Because this ship appears to belong to The Dagger. A slave I trust waits by a temple above the ruins in Eretria. Speak with her to learn more.

(If the farmer had already been encountered separately from Agapios' quest, the dialogue option changes.)

  • Kassandra: You said you know a farmer who's had dealings with The Dagger. Maybe I could beat some information out of him...
  • Agapios: Ha! No, no, he wasn't friends with them—he was targeted by them! He's rich—or he was. Anytime someone in The Dagger needed to line their tunic with drachmae, they'd visit him.
  • Kassandra: Then he may know the Kingfisher's true identity.
  • Agapios: Which would clear my brother's name.

  • Kassandra: A farmer who's had dealings with The Dagger... I've met your farmer! He didn't know anything important.
  • Agapios: Did you try mentioning my name?
  • Kassandra: I didn't know you were famous, Agapios.
  • Agapios: I'm not saying I'm famous, but in certain circles, well... My name will open doors.

(If "What can you tell me about the theater?" is chosen.)

  • Kassandra: You mentioned... an evil theater?
  • Agapios: The theater in Chalkis City is a more potent weapon than you realize, misthios. The Dagger use propaganda to poison the minds of Euboeans. See what you can learn there.

Agapios informs Kassandra of possible leads

(If "How do you know all this?" is chosen.)

  • Kassandra: You seem well connected. How is that?
  • Agapios: For a slave, you mean? We're not without eyes and ears, misthios. We see much, and we share it, slave to slave. Leads, warnings, anything that might help us survive all the way from today... to tomorrow.

(Leave – I've heard enough.)

  • Kassandra: I have enough to go on. And the Kingfisher, if I discover he is your brother, if he is the man behind The Dagger...
  • Agapios: He won't be. Return to me when you've learned all you can.

Before leaving, Kassandra spoke to Agapios once more.

  • Agapios: Have you found what we need to prove my brother's innocence and stop The Dagger?
  • Kassandra: Not yet.
  • Agapios: The Dagger works in the shadows—we mustn't make a move until we've learned everything we can. Is there anything else I can tell you?
  • Kassandra: I've heard enough. I'll return once I've uncovered all I can.

Kassandra departed and sought out Agapios' contacts, eventually uncovering a clue about The Dagger from each of them.

  • Kassandra: That's the last of Agapios' leads. Better tell him what I've learned. He isn't going to want to hear this.


Kassandra sought out Agapios' contacts, gaining a number of clues from each of them: The Dagger worshipped the hero Achilles, and operated from the island of Skyros. It also revealed that The Dagger's leader was indeed Agapios' brother, Neritos.


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