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Francisco Pizarro González (1471 or 1476 – 1541) was a Spanish conquistador and a Marquess, whose conquests reached South America and the Inca Empire of Peru, and later founded Lima. Pizarro tyrannically ruled over Peru and was affiliated with the Templar Order.[1]


During his journey to the Inca Empire, Pizarro's forces were infiltrated by the Assassin Gonzalo Pardo, whose mission was to preserve the peace and secretly sabotage the Spaniards' intent of destroying the Incas. Nonetheless, Pardo became Pizarro's favourite killer. When Pizarro's forces executed Emperor Atahualpa in 1533, Pardo deserted the Spanish forces and his mission.[2]

In 1536, Pizarro played a key role in a conspiracy to kill Emperor Manco Inca Yupanqui of the Neo-Inca State.[3] The plan was eventually thwarted by the Inca Quila, with the aid of Gonzalo Pardo.[4]

Pizarro was eventually labelled a target by the Assassins for his affiliation with the Templars, and was killed by the Brotherhood on 26 June 1541.[1]


Details of Pizarro's assassination were later collected by the Assassin Clay Kaczmarek in 2012, and hidden in the Animus for his successor, Desmond Miles to find. Which he did in September of that year.[5] Desmond solved this puzzle, which was part of a set titled "Guardians" where Pizarro was included in the list of historical individuals assassinated.[1]



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