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"Are you letting me go? Thank you, Cesare. You will not regret–"
―Francesco's last words before being strangled by Micheletto Corella, 1503.[src]-[m]

Francesco Troche (1459 – 1503) was the Pope's chamberlain and a personal friend of Cesare Borgia.


The young brother of Egidio Troche, Francesco worked for the Vatican as a trusted agent of the Pope. Around this time, he began working for Cesare, helping him to spy on his sister Lucrezia while she was in the countryside to pressure King Louis XII into supporting her marriage to Alfonso d'Este. In 1502, Francesco attempted to persuade King Louis to abandon his support of the Orsini family on Cesare's orders.[1]

By 1503 however, Francesco's relations with Cesare had deteriorated. That year, he told Egidio about Cesare's intentions for Romagna. Subsequently, Egidio then sent a letter to the Venetian ambassador, warning him and hoping to prevent Cesare from conquering Romagna. However, one of his letters was intercepted by Cesare's men.[2]

When Cesare discovered this, he believed Francesco to be a traitor and had Micheletto Corella strangle him to death at the Porta Praenestina. His body was later dumped into the Tiber river.[3] Cesare later issued a declaration calling for his arrest, claiming that he had "fled Rome".[1]


  • Historically, there are disputes over whether Francesco Troche threw himself overboard a boat to drown in an act of suicide, or if he was strangled in a prison when the boat arrived in Rome.
  • Despite being born the same year as Ezio, Francesco looks significantly older.




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