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ACU. Royalist Leader

François-Joseph Carbon

François-Joseph Carbon (1756–1800) was a man in command over a group of French Royalists who attempted to assassinate Napoleon Bonaparte in the aftermath of the 13 Vendémiaire.


On 5 October 1795, an army of twenty-five thousand Royalists staged an uprising in order to restore the French monarchy. However, they were opposed by Napoleon and five thousand troops under his command, and defeated by the use of artillery. Carbon nonetheless led a charge straight into the cannonfire, only to be blasted to the ground and see most of his men killed by grapeshot. Carbon escaped being captured, but was left with severe facial scarring, blind in his right eye and a burning passion to see Napoleon dead.

On 24 December 1800, Carbon amassed the remainder of his men in an attempt to assassinate Bonaparte while he was attending an opera. He placed several snipers in the buildings along the route taken by Napoleon's carriage, and planned to used an explosive device known as the "Infernal Machine", should the gunmen fail.

The snipers were killed by Arno Dorian and a team of Assassins, who sought to prevent the royalists from returning to power. The "Infernal Machine" detonated too early as well, far away from Napoleon's carriage. With the failure of the assassination, Carbon planned to flee from Paris, but was tracked down and killed by Arno before he could attempt his escape.



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