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Foxy Renard was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno met with Charlotte Gouze at the Café Théâtre and was tasked with taking out Renard, the leader of Les Actes des Apôtres.


  • Gouze: It's time to put a stop to Les Actes des Apôtres. Unfortunately, their leader, Renard, suspects we're after him - he's gone to ground somewhere in the city. We need you to draw him out. Our contact is waiting for you in Les Invalides. Good luck.

Arno made his way to Les Invalides and spoke to Gouze's contact.

  • Contact: Good, you're here. I think I know how to draw Renard out. I've put it about that I have for sale a certain diamond necklace. Renard would very much like to use it as a rallying symbol for his troops. There's just one problem.
  • Arno: Yes?
  • Contact: I don't have a diamond necklace.
  • Arno: I'm sure I can help with that.

Arno stole a necklace from a nearby priest and then returned to the contact.

  • Contact: Perfect! Stay out of sight. When you see Renard, take him.

Arno assumed his position on the roof as the contact went to speak with Renard.

  • Contact: Where's Renard?
  • Renard's henchman: He sent me. You have it?
  • Contact: Right here.
  • Renard's henchman: Let's see it.

The henchman saw through the ruse.

  • Renard's henchman: Monsieur Renard sends his regrets, and hopes next time you'll send a better spy.
  • Contact: What?

The henchman killed Gouze's contact, following which he ran, but Arno tackled him.

  • Arno: Where's Renard?
  • Renard's henchman: Close. But his hideout's a fortress... you'll never get him.
  • Arno: I've heard that before.

Arno located Renard's hideout and engaged him in combat.

  • Renard: Arrogant little shit! You think you can kill me?
    I'm a very important man, you know!
    What do you want? Money? Jewels? It's yours, just take it and go!
    Don't kill me!
    Let me go, I beg you!
    Please, spare me!

Arno killed Renard and escaped the area, following which he returned to the Café Théâtre.

  • Gouze: So, Renard is dealt with, then? Good.


Arno took out Renard, depriving Les Actes des Apôtres of their leader and sparing the Café Théâtre from further harassment.


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