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Four to the Floor was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


With Francesco de' Pazzi dead, and the plan to take over the city failed, Jacopo de' Pazzi fled Florence and so the Medici regained the control of the city. Ezio then met Lorenzo de' Medici on the Ponte Vecchio.


  • Lorenzo: When I was six years old I fell into the Arno. I soon found myself drifting down, and into darkness, certain my life was at an end. Instead I woke to the sound of my mother weeping, at her side stood a stranger, soaking and smiling at me. My mother explained that he had saved me. And so began a long and prosperous relationship between two families; yours and mine.
    I am sorry I could not save your father and brothers.
  • Ezio: You have nothing to apologize for. I believe Jacopo de' Pazzi played a part in their deaths. The attack on you as well. I need to find him.
  • Lorenzo: That coward fled before we could arrest him!
  • Ezio: Have you any leads?
  • Lorenzo: No. They've hidden themselves well.
  • Ezio: They?
  • Lorenzo: Jacopo was not the only conspirator to escape.
  • Ezio: If they work with Jacopo, they were surely involved in the plot against my family as well. Give me their names.
  • Lorenzo: Antonio Maffei, Archbishop Francesco Salviati, Stefano da Bagnone, and Bernardo Baroncelli.
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Ezio asking Lorenzo about the Pazzi conspirators

  • Ezio: Bene. (Good) I will go and see my uncle. He has men stationed in the countryside.
  • Lorenzo: Wait...before you go...

Lorenzo handed Ezio a Codex page.

  • Ezio: A Codex page!
  • Lorenzo: I took it from the files of Francesco de' Pazzi, seeing as he clearly no longer needs it. I've always had an interest of things of antiquity. As did your father.
  • Ezio: It is meaningful to me as well.
  • Lorenzo: Then consider it a gift! Che il Signore ci protegga. (God save us all)


Lorenzo de' Medici informed Ezio about the remaining members of the Pazzi family involved in the conspiracy against the Medici. Ezio obtained another codex page from Lorenzo as well.



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