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Founding Father was a virtual representation of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


When the tomb of Cyrene's founder Battos I is unceremoniously sealed by order of the Roman Army, the Priest Iakchos asks Bayek to investigate.


Bayek visited the Tomb of Battos in Cyrene, where he found a crowd protesting in front of the tomb, with a priest trying to turn the crowd away.

  • Iakchos: There is nothing to be gained from unrest! Zeus will protect our founder.

The priest saw Bayek.

  • Iakchos: Phylakitai, please! Are you a protector? If you have a moment? The fate of our founder is at stake!

Bayek approached the priest.

  • Bayek: I am not a Phylakitai. I am a Medjay.
  • Iakchos: Oh yes, of course, I should have noticed. These people don't understand, our Roman 'friends' do not take kindly to civil disobedience.
  • Bayek: Why are they protesting?
  • Iakchos: They fear all is not well with our founder, the great Battos. The Centurion locked his tomb, some say he desecrated the dead in there, left a scrawled note on on the door and sauntered back to the Akropolis. Please, someone should investigate, without alerting the Romans. And if that someone were to find anything they could meet me here, and I'd be happy to help.

Bayek investigated the note on the door.

  • By Order of the Proconsul:
    The tomb of Battos is closed by order of the people of Rome. Anyone found attempting entry will be dealt with severely. Centurion Cassius Albus.

Bayek climbed up the pillars to the top of the tower. He navigated into the tomb through an opening.

  • Bayek: The Greeks also treat their dead with great honor. And now they suffer like Egyptians.

Bayek traveled to the inner tomb, where he found it to be desecrated. He investigated empty jars on a table.

  • Bayek: Empty! Drunk and stupid is a troublesome combination.

He investigated an opened crypt.

  • Bayek: Have the Romans no respect for the dead?

He investigated broken vases and piles of fruits on the ground.

  • Bayek: The tomb's been ransacked. The Romans were looking for something.

He investigated a chest and read the inscription on it.

  • Medallion of the Battos:
    With his badge he brought peace and order to our city. He who has the relics, has the fate of our great city in his hands.
  • Bayek: Something is missing.

He investigated another chest and read the inscription on it.

  • Bow of the Battos: Here lies King Battos - with his bow, he vanquished our enemies and all enemies of the sun god. ANd so did Apollo reward him, with an arc so taut that is could eagles from the skies.
  • Bayek: The founder must have been buried with these treasures. The bow and the medallion are gone. The Romans are little more than tomb robbers! The Greeks are learning what it feels like to be Egyptians, have your land, your dead and your relics desecrated by an invading force.

Bayek exited the tomb and travelled to the Roman Akropolis, where he found the Roman Centurion responsible for the tomb's desecration. He killed the Centurion and recovered a medallion.

  • Bayek: Battos' medallion.

He entered a storehouse and found the bow on a table. He recovered the bow.

  • Bayek: The priest will be glad to see the relics returned.

Bayek exited the Akropolis and returned to Iakchos in front of the tomb.

  • Bayek: Your suspicions were well founded. The Romans took Battos' treasure.
  • Iakchos: You have the relics?
  • Bayek: I do, they were not given the respect they were due.
  • Iakchos: Those filthy desecrators! I will keep Battos' medallion safe. Legend says if it leaves the city so will our fortunes.
  • Bayek: And the bow?
  • Iakchos: It longs to be in the service of Cyrenaica again. Please, keep it, maybe teach the Romans a lesson in honoring the dead?
  • Bayek: Gladly.
  • Iakchos: The founder sent you to us. Farewell, Medjay.


At Iakchos' request, Bayek investigated Battos' tomb , finding it to be ransacked by the Romans, who stole two relics. Bayek travelled to the nearby Roman Akropolis and recovered the relics, giving the medallion to the priest and kept for bow for safekeeping.


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