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Fort de Sable

Fort de Sable was a French stronghold in the North Atlantic.

By the 1750s, it was controlled by Assassin-affiliated gang members. After collecting remnants of Templar Knight James Gunn, Shay Cormac tracked down the resting place of his famed armor within the fort during this period.


  • When visiting Fort de Sable, the appearance of Christopher Gist is changed to a random sailor.
  • There is no known connection between the fort's name and that of Robert de Sablé.
  • Considering this is the largest fort in Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Shay could not free it from the Gangs' control nor claim it for the Royal Navy.
  • The Fort bears resemblance to the real-life Fortress of Louisbourg, suggesting that the fort was planned to be a location of a mission after the memory Men o' War.