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This article is about the memory. You may be looking for the fort itself.

Fort Wolcott was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After collecting a trinket for Peg Leg, Connor received the location of the first treasure map piece.


Connor and Robert Faulkner approached the cliff-side of the fort by rowboat.

  • Faulkner: Fort doesn't look as abandoned as it should. Looks occupied as can be.
  • Connor: I will need something to draw their attention, then. Once you lose sight of me, wait for ten minutes then bombard the fort. I will slip out under cover of the shelling.
  • Faulkner: Aye aye, sir. Sounds a trifle dangerous but I'm sure you're up to it. I doubt they let convicted pirates like ol' Lucky Lem out of his cell much, so if his little scroll is anywhere – it's there.

Connor climbed the cliff-side of the fort. As he did, he heard a captain giving orders.

  • Captain: Form ranks! Present arms! Position one! Position two! Move!

After killing the guard positioned at the edge of the fort, Connor observed the number of soldiers in the courtyard.

  • Connor: I will have to circle around to avoid the courtyard.

Connor used his tomahawk to zipline and bust through a window into a corridor. A soldier arrived to investigate, but gave up after being unable to find the source of the commotion.

ACIII-Wolcott 4

Connor assassinating a guard

  • Soldier: Ah, it's probably a gull or a rat... the only intruders we get here anyway. Preposterous. Send me across the ocean to play sentry on some meaningless isle. This is my last tour for a certainty. When I see the Captain I'll look him directly in the eyes and say "Sir! I am going home. I have had enough of these nonsense assignments".

Connor killed the stationed guard and came upon three more talking.

  • Guard 1: Who would ever attack this fort, I ask you? Nobody. No reason to. They sent us here cause the captain did something wrong.
  • Guard 2: Like what?
  • Guard 1: Buggered if I know.
  • Guard 3: I wager he buggered something...
  • Guard 1: Come off it. And keep watch.
  • Guard 2: Yah yah.

Connor killed the guards and moved on, hearing another group of guards running to a meeting.

  • Guard 1: Double time! We'll get the whip if we're late for the captain's address!
  • Guard 2: I'm hurryin'! I'm hurryin'!
ACIII-Wolcott 5

Connor sneaking past the British troops in the meeting hall

As Connor approached the meeting hall, he overhead the captain badgering his soldiers.

  • Captain: Not a day passes without me overhearing you lot complaining of this assignment. "The fort is meaningless", "command is punishing the Captain for what happened in Poland". I have had enough! We are here – under orders, I need not remind you – to hold Fort Wolcott against the rebels at all costs. And that is all that need concern you. You are not trained to comment on strategy nor are you aware of rebel movements. So put a stop to it! The next man I hear questioning the validity of our post will receive 10 lashes and 7 days in the old dungeon– without rations. Is that clear?
  • Soldier 1: Yes sir!
  • Soldier 2: Yes sir!
  • Captain: Check the dirt-sheet for duties and details for the coming week. B Company will be in drills and without rum rations until they PROPERLY execute formations two and three. Such sloppy marching will not be tolerated.
  • Soldier 3: Yes sir!
  • Soldier 4: Yes sir!

Connor used the hanging chandeliers to sneak through the meeting hall unnoticed. He continued through the fort until he spotted another guard.

  • Guard: That lurcher is out of his head. Who would do that to a man? That's why you don't let soldiers get bored.

Connor killed the guard and moved on to the prison, spotting another group of guards.

  • Guard 1: Jackanape deserved everything he got. Won't tolerate such behavior. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you.
  • Guard 2: He didn't mean anything by what he said.
  • Guard 1: You getting soft?
  • Guard 2: I just don't think it's right.
ACIII-Wolcott 6

Connor retrieving Lucky Lem's map

Connor killed the guards and lifted a loose piece of flooring which contained the first piece of the map.

  • Connor: "It lies under the eagle's bed,"

After taking the parchment, Connor was spotted by two guards.

  • Guard: Let's see what you got, rebel.

At that moment, Richard Clutterbuck commanded the Aquila to fire upon Fort Wolcott.

  • Richard: Fire!

In the explosion, one guard was killed, leaving Connor to contend with the other. After killing the guard, Connor noticed the fort was beginning to collapse. As he made his way out of the fort, he heard soldiers shouting.

  • Soldier 1: We're under attack!!
  • Soldier 2: Captain's dead! Cut down by cannon shot!
  • Soldier 3: Rouse B Company! To the battlements!

Connor made his way over the battlements, where a soldier was hit by a heated shot and burned to death screaming.

  • Soldier 4: Move to the west wall!
  • Soldier 5: Bloody hell, where'd they come from?!
  • Soldier 6: To the armory!
ACIII-Wolcott 10

The Aquila shelling the fort

  • Solider 7: Who's in command?!
  • Soldier 6: Form up! Form up!

While attempting to escape, Connor landed in a room full of guards. After killing them, more guards attempted to break through a blocked door.

  • Guard: Rebel! Bring him down!

Before they could fight Connor, another explosion sent them off their feet. Connor used this opportunity to successfully escape the fort.

  • Connor: I need to get to the Aquila.

Connor took a Leap of Faith into the ocean. He proceeded to swim back to the Aquila.

  • Faulkner: You're late, captain.
  • Connor: Those occupying the fort were less than thrilled by my presence.
  • Faulkner: And?
  • Connor: And what?
  • Faulkner: The damned scroll, ya muckworm! Was it there?
  • Connor: That it was, Mister Faulkner.


Connor recovered the first piece of the treasure map.


  • In the introductory cutscene involving a zipline, Connor used the short weapon in the manner similar to the Hookblade. However, if the equipped weapon was not a tomahawk, the animation appeared odd, with the blade sticking to the side of the rope, rather than being hooked on it.



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