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"The mighty Tiryns. Built by the cyclopes, or so the legend goes."
―Kassandra upon visiting the fort, c. 430 BCE[src]

Fort Tiryns

Fort Tiryns was a military fort located on the shore of the Ancient Ruins of Perseus region in Argolis, Greece.

Fort Tiryns was said to have been built by the Cyclopes, as were many other ruins and landmarks within Argolis.[1]

During the Peloponnesian War, the misthios Kassandra visited the fort to recover Hippokrates' notes on the diseases of the mind that the commander of the fort had stolen. However, she instead found instead another physician Dymas, who informed her that the notes had been burned although he managed to memorize them. Kassandra later brought Dymas out of the fort back to Hippokrates.[2]



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