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Fort Matías

Fort Matías (English: Fort Matthew), originally known as Punta Guarico, was a fort located on the eastern coast of the island of Cuba, in the Caribbean. It was controlled by the Spanish Navy until it was disarmed and taken over by the pirate Edward Kenway in 1717.[1]


After learning of a large sum of gold being held at the fort by Laureano de Torres y Ayala, Grand Master of the Caribbean Templars, Kenway sailed to the stronghold and used the weapons on his ship, the Jackdaw, to destroy the fort's cannons and mortar towers. After doing so, he infiltrated the compound, killing its commanding officer in the process, and barged into the war room, where he found Torres with the gold.[1]

There, the Grand Master told Kenway that the money was to be used to buy the missing Sage Bartholomew Roberts from a slaver named Laurens Prins. Kenway then devised a plan to use Torres and the gold to find Roberts, free him, and use him to find the Observatory.[1]

After the fort was captured, a harbormaster's post was built at the docks, where Edward was later able to accept two naval contracts from the Dutch trader, Milo van der Graaff.[1]

By 1735, the fort had been abandoned completely and remained in ruin, but when the Haitian Assassin returned to explore it around 1737, he found a magnificently-crafted machete in a treasure chest on a shore outside the fort and claimed it for himself.[2]


  • Prior to the memory "The Forts", Fort Matías appears already destroyed, but it is impossible to dock at the fort or access its interior.



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