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Shay: "What sort of business are the French up to there? Just occupying the territory?"
Monro: "It is an economic incursion more than a geographical one."
―Shay and Monro discussing the purpose of the French occupation, 1756.[src]
ACRG Fort La Croix

Fort La Croix

Fort La Croix was one of three French strongholds in the River Valley, New York at the time of the mid-18th century. Through these forts, the French exerted their control over the region during the French and Indian War. Fort la Croix itself was located in the northernmost reaches of the valley.

In 1756, Le Chasseur operated from the stronghold, delivering poisonous gases to his allies, the Colonial Assassins. Fearing the French would launch an assault on New York City from Fort La Croix, the Templars decided to attack it, having Shay Cormac use his ship, the Morrigan, to destroy its defenses. Shay then infiltrated the fortress on foot, killing Le Chasseur in the war room and thus claiming the stronghold for the Royal Navy.


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