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Fort Koroibos' facade

Fort Koroibos was a military fort located within Valley of Olympia in Elis, Greece.

During the 428 BCE Olympic Games Alkibiades among others was poisoned at a banquet. As his friend, the Spartan misthios Kassandra investigated and learned that the man behind the deed as well as the antidote were located within the fort. She infiltrated the fort, killing its polemarch and captains, burning the supplies within and claiming valuables, as well as finding the antidote in time.[1]

Fort Koroibos was also where Kallias, an Olympic champion and judge, as well as a member the Peloponnesian League branch of the Cult of Kosmos, retired to spend his nights.[2]


  • The fort's name references Koroibos of Elis, the first recorded Olympic champion.




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