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Forging Siwa was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relieved by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Someone is selling stolen Siwan treasures in Euhemeria's Black Market. Intrigued, Bayek goes to investigate.


While in Euhemeria, Bayek heard a merchant roaming around the town, touting his wares.

  • Man: Be quick! They are selling fast. Unique and valuable treasures from Siwa!
    Rare treasures, straight from the hands of the gods!
    Genuine treasures, all the way from Siwa. Would you like?

The merchant noticed Bayek and hollered at him.

  • Man: Hey, how much do you want for that badge?

He approached Bayek.

  • Man: I see you bear the markings of old Siwa. Is that a real Medjay badge? How much would you sell it for?
  • Bayek: Siwa is my homeland. And it is not for sale.
  • Man: Everything is for sale here. You should visit Valley Market, to the east. They have Siwan treasures. Not the normal fake stuff. These are real.
  • Bayek: I would be interested to meet anyone selling genuine Siwan treasures.
  • Man: Are you sure you do not want to sell that badge? No matter. Look for the stall under the bird nests. You will thank me.

Bayek sought out and arrived at the Valley Market. He overheard a conversation.

  • Man: Did you hear about that new stall with treasures from the Temple in Siwa?
ACO - Forging Siwa 1

Kenthap's stall under two bird nests

  • Woman: From a Temple? Are you crazy? You don't want something stolen from a god! Wait, are they real?
  • Man: Why do you think they're so expensive? I would sell my whole life for an Ankh of Amun!

Bayek looked around and discovered a little girl in the stall selling Siwan treasures.

  • Kenthap: Welcome! We have many unique treasures for sale. Would you like?

Bayek looked at a figurine on the table.

  • Bayek: This is meant to be genuine, but it's a fake. And not a very good one.
  • Kenthap: It is not fake, it is real! Would you like?

Bayek addressed Kenthap.

  • Bayek: This is your stall?
  • Kenthap: Yes, mine! Many unique treasures from faraway Siwa! Not fake! Not fake!
  • Bayek: Have you got anything... real? I'm sure these are not your best pieces.
  • Kenthap: What do you mean! These are real! Hmm. More expensive ones at my camp. I can take you. Not far from here. You follow.

The girl led the way, while Bayek followed her.

  • Kenthap: That Medjay badge not very good you know. We have better ones. Would you like?
  • Bayek: I like this one.
    These other treasures of yours, are they fake as well?
  • Kenthap: I told you, not fake!
    Aw, how did you know. My treasures aren't really real, but not fake! My mother has some real ones anyway.
  • Bayek: Hey, I have a secret. I was once a Medjay in Siwa. I have seen the real treasures.
  • Kenthap: Aw, not fair! I made them all myself, you know. No one else can tell!
  • Bayek: Do not worry, they're very good fakes. I won't tell anyone.
  • Kenthap: I said not fake! Were you really Medjay? Maybe you are fake!
  • Bayek: You're a very cheeky child. Let's see what your mother has.
  • Kenthap: We go along the canal.
  • Bayek: You lead. I will fake it.
  • Kenthap: Does not even make sense!

When Bayek and Kenthap reached the canal, they heard a woman scream.

  • Woman: (Screams.)
ACO - Forging Siwa 4

Kenthap's mother binded by bandits

  • Kenthap: My mother! Oh no, what can we do? Something is wrong!
  • Bayek: Do not be afraid. Lucky for you, I am real. Stay here and keep hidden.

Bayek crossed the canal and heard the bandits threaten Kenthap's mother.

  • Man: Counterfeit treasures are our game. We are the Fake Bandits here. Give us the money, and we might not kill you.
  • Woman: There is no money left! It was all given away. Please, check yourself. I've got nothing.

Bayek engaged the bandits.

  • Bayek: I have got a nice sword. Would you like?
  • Bandit: Who in Hades are you?

Bayek killed the bandits and freed the Kenthap's mother.

  • Woman: Take anything you want. As I told them, I do not have any money. But I have many unique treasures from Siwa.
  • Kenthap: Mother he is not a bandit! He is my friend.
    Thanks for saving us. I guess you are real. Sorry I said you were fake.
  • Woman: He saved us? We have to give him something. We always repay kindness, remember. I've got something... here. This is a genuine Imitation Siwan Khopesh. It is very rare, they don't make them anymore. Please take it with our gratitude.
  • Kenthap: Mother, he already knows...
  • Bayek: Thank-you. I'm honoured. Yes I can tell. This one's really real. There are almost none like it.
  • Woman: May you multiply happy years!

If Bayek returns to her stall some time later.

  • Bayek: Hello again! How are your Siwan treasures selling?
  • Kenthap: No, no. No Siwa. Too much trouble!
    We sell real treasure from Giza now! Not fake! Would you like?
  • Bayek: Ha-ha. You are still a cheeky child.


Bayek rescued the lady and received an Imitation Siwan Khopesh as a reward.




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