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ACOD FoA JoA Forge of Atlantis

Forge of Atlantis

The Forge of Atlantis was a forge in the Royal Mountain of Poseidon, within the simulation of Atlantis. This forge could be found far beneath the Palace of Poseidon in a huge cave.

During her time in the simulation of Atlantis, the Spartan misthios Kassandra explored the area and encountered a blacksmith in its depths. She could use the forge and Hephaistos' molds to create weapons with adamant ingots. The spears and daggers each were forged with a monomolecular edge able to cut through most armor, whereas the maces were capable of disrupting, and thus breaking, molecular bonds to deal heavy damage.[1]

Forge recipes

Kassandra could choose from three types of weapons, a spear, mace and a dagger. Each type could be specificated for three classes, warrior, assassin and hunter.

Type Class Result
Dagger Assassin Isu-Forged Assassin's Blade
Warrior Isu-Forged Warrior's Blade
Hunter Isu-Forged Hunter's Blade
Spear Assassin Isu-Forged Assassin's Spear
Warrior Isu-Forged Warrior's Spear
Hunter Isu-Forged Hunter's Spear
Mace Assassin Isu-Forged Assassin's Mace
Warrior Isu-Forged Warrior's Mace
Hunter Isu-Forged Hunter's Mace



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