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Follow That Boat was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


On Anthousa's advice, Kassandra sought out Erinna, one of the hetaera under Anthousa's care, in order to help with whatever was bothering her.


At the market in Korinth, Kassandra found Erinna calling for someone.

  • Erinna: Kleio? Kleio? Has anyone seen Kleio?

Kassandra approached Erinna.

  • Erinna: By Aphrodite, Kleio better get back here soon.

  • Kassandra: Why call on the gods when you have one of their messengers at your service?

  • Kassandra: Maybe there's something a mercenary can do for you?

  • Erinna: How'd you know I needed help?
  • Kassandra: Anthousa told me you could use a hand.
  • Erinna: Kleio, one of our girls, didn't meet me for prayer this morning. She wasn't at home, either. I'd go investigate but I'm not sure what I could do on my own.
  • Kassandra: She might have been taken.
  • Erinna: I asked around. One of our clients said he saw Kleio brought aboard a ship. The men were armed, so there was nothing he could do. I'd pay a lot of drachmae to get her back.

(Accept - I'll find her.)

  • Kassandra: Armed? Take me to the ship. We'll get Kleio back.

Erinna led the way to a nearby stable.

  • Erinna: Follow me!
  • Kassandra: Who do you think they took her?
  • Erinna: It wouldn't be the first time the Monger's men came after one of us.
ACOD Erinna Kassandra Horse Ride

Kassandra following Erinna

They mounted their horses and begun to make their way to the Port of Lechaion.

  • Erinna: None of us have ever disappeared like this before. Some are worried they'll be taken next.

As the two approached the port, Erinna and Kassandra talked.

  • Erinna: Korinth may have a bad reputation, but it wasn't always that way. We used to be safe.
  • Kassandra: Until the Monger...
  • Erinna: We're not sure why he came here, but Korinth is worse off because of him.

At the port, they dismounted as they spotted a pirate ship in the distance.

  • Erinna: There! That's the boat our client described. Please, get her back safely.
ACOD Follow That Boat 02

Kleio holding a knife against Kassandra

Kassandra boarded the Adrestia and sailed in pursuit of the pirate trireme. Drawing near, they attacked the ship and disabled its defenses. Kassandra then boarded the ship with her crew, eliminating the pirates. She found Kleio on the ship and dragged her over to the Adrestia. Once there, Kleio fled her grasp, holding out a knife.

  • Kleio: Stay back!
  • Kassandra: I'm here to rescue you.
  • Kleio: Rescue me? You sunk my boat, pirate!

  • Kassandra: Put the knife away. I'm a friend.

Kleio put away the knife.

  • Kleio: What do you mean?
  • Kassandra: Your friend hired me to save you from these men and bring you back.
  • Erinna: Erinna?! I commissioned that ship to steal me away from Korinth.
  • Kassandra: You're... escaping? From what?
  • Kleio: You have no idea what the Monger does to people. The things I've seen. No one in Korinth is safe.

  • Kassandra: Erinna thought you were abducted. She clearly cares about you.
  • Kleio: If she cared about me, she'd let me go. Even Anthousa can't keep us safe anymore.
  • Kassandra: She clearly disagrees.

  • Kassandra: The Greek world is being ravaged by war. You're no safer on the seas than you are in Korinth.

  • Kassandra: Me? An outlaw? You wound me.

Kleio put the knife away, hands on her hips.

  • Kleio: What are you talking about?

  • Kassandra: .

Kleio clasped her hands together, begging Kassandra.

  • Kleio: Misthios,please. We were heading to Mykonos, which is safe. If you'll take me there, I can pay you the toll I'd have paid my crew.

  • Kassandra: All right, I'll get you there. Next time my crew docks at Mykonos, you can depart. In the meantime, welcome aboard.
  • Kleio: Thank you, misthios! This is what's best, I promise.

(Cue Escort Service)
After agreeing to escort Kleio to Mykonos, Kassandra returned to Erinna in Korinth.

  • Erinna: What happened? Where's Kleio?

  • Kassandra: Your friend is safe. That's what matters.

  • Kassandra: Your friend didn't need rescuing. She hired that ship to get out of Korinth and go somewhere safe.

  • Erinna: So. She's really gone.
  • Kassandra: She's not coming back, no.
  • Erinna: Thank you. I'll let Anthousa know. Guess I'll be alone at prayer tomorrow. You promise she's safe?
  • Kassandra: You have my word.

  • Kassandra: Anthousa will take care of you. You need to go back to Korinth. It's your home.
  • Kleio: Take me against my wishes, then. I won't fight you.

Kassandra returned to Erinna with Kleio, who was overjoyed at seeing her friend anew.

  • Erinna: Kleio! Did they hurt you? I prayed to Tyche for your safe return!
  • Kleio: I'm fine, I'm fine.
  • Erinna: There'd better not be a scratch on you. I promised this mercenary a month's salary to have you back in one piece.
  • Kleio: You did?
  • Erinna: Of course! You're my dear sister.

She turned to Kassandra.

  • Erinna: I'm so thankful Kleio is home. Please, take this for your trouble.
  • Kassandra: Good luck to both of you.


Kassandra completed Erinna's request to look for her friend Kleio.

Behind the scenes

As long as Kleio survived the boarding, the reward for the quest is the same regardless of whether or not she is returned to Korinth.



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