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Flying Machine 2.0 was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


Ezio discovered that a renewed version of Leonardo's Flying Machine was being built at Valnerina.


Upon arriving at the small settlement, Ezio scouted the town market place for the Borgia weapons engineer, who knew of the location of both the designs and the machine itself. Upon finally locating the man, Ezio tailed him to a secluded area, where he interrogated him.

  • Ezio: Give me the plans.
  • Engineer: No. I will not.

Ezio broke the engineer's nose.

  • Engineer: Stop! Stop!
  • Ezio: Where are the plans?
  • Engineer: Past the guards. In my house. It is the last one.
  • Ezio: And the machine?
  • Engineer: In the tower on top of the fortress.
  • Ezio: Grazie. (Thank you.)
Flying Machine 2

Ezio interrogating the engineer

Under much pressure, the engineer finally confessed the location of the designs, which were in the workshop near his house, and of the Flying Machine, which was posted atop a tower in a nearby Borgia fortress. Allowing the engineer to live and flee, Ezio made his way to the engineer's house to burn the plans before setting off to infiltrate the fortress.

Climbing up the obscured eastern walls, Ezio crossed battlements and courtyard rooftops, avoiding the guard's attention until he climbed and entered the central tower. Ezio proceeded through the interior of the tower as night fell, and finally caught sight of the new Flying Machine.

  • Guard: The first designs were defective. Everyone who piloted one died, several even exploded. But we know this one works.

Ezio kicked a nearby lever and all the guards fell through the tower. He looked from the tower and noticed factories set up to mass-produce Leonardo's weapons.

  • Ezio: They intend to craft more weapons. Leonardo, you will help me stop them.
Flying Machine 2

The Flying Machine exploding

Ezio flew off the perch of the tower and once again glided through the night sky. Using the cannon mounted upon the back of the machine, he periodically set fires to the ground to keep himself in the air, as well as used it to destroy the nearby factories. However, the commotion alerted the surviving workshops, and several wagons attempted to bring salvaged materials to the safety of the fortress. Ezio however was able to intercept and destroy all the wagons, and the materials they transported. Immediately after this, a single mounted courier fled the fortress in order to alert Cesare of the destruction.

  • Borgia Captain: Cesare must know of this!

Ezio killed the messenger using the Bomber, and crashed it into a watchtower afterwards, destroying the machine.

  • Ezio: Addio, amico mio! (Goodbye, my friend!)


Ezio destroyed the Bomber as well as the factories.


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