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Florencia is the leader of Erudito, a collective of hackers and truth seekers opposed to Abstergo, and the grandmother of Assassin Charlotte de la Cruz.

After Erudito discovered that the Templars' Phoenix Project was manipulated by Juno to get a new body, Florencia was granted the authority to reform the hacker collective into a more militant faction. To do so, she ordered the construction of hives on each continents and began to recruit and train field agents to prevent the return of the tyrannical Isu.

However, while backed by the leaders of Erudito collective, some of the more traditionalist members, like Dewalt, resented her and were opposed to the change, wanting to stay in the shadows.


Early life

When her daughter was six, the charismatic and adventurous Florencia left her family behind to fight the General Videla's regime in Argentina. Later, her daughter emigrated to the United States, where she married and had a daughter, Charlotte. Florencia stayed in contact with the family, sometimes visiting them before disappearing for years until her next visit.

However, her relations with her daughter were tense as she believed that her husband left her because Florencia's wanderlust inspired him to do so and was wary that she had done the same with Charlotte. Indeed, during her visits, Florencia spend time with her granddaughter, telling her stories about the numerous place she saw while traveling all around the world, instilling a taste for adventure into the young Charlotte.

Working with Charlotte

In 2016, after Charlotte de la Cruz was recruited by the Assassin Brotherhood and was tasked by Consus to find Erudito, she discovered that a meeting of the organization leaders was scheduled in Buenos Aires. The Assassin and her team traveled there and Charlotte was shocked to discover that the organization's leader was in fact her grandmother who disappeared years ago.

Some weeks later, on Erudito's hideaway island, Florencia exposed her plans to use Charlotte connection with Consus to learn more about the Isu and to fight the Juno's Templar puppets. However, she was forced to organize a videoconference with all the collective members, when Dewalt asked for a vote of no-confidence, stating that going out of the shadows was not the Erudito's way. Pushed by Dewalt, the collective was on the verge of dismissing Florencia, when Charlotte spoke to them.

She convinced them that they had to unite because if the Brotherhood and Erudito continued to act alone and refused to evolve to face the threat, they both would be annihilated. Despite Galina Voronina reluctance and telling her that she didn't had the authority, Charlotte nevertheless offered an alliance which was accepted by the collective, turning the vote in favor of Florencia. The pact with the Assassins was supposed to be a test to see if they could work together and maybe merge in the future; Florencia's granddaughter and Kody Adams would help Erudito to contact Consus through the Animus in exchange for the collective helping Galina to capture the Assassin traitor Joseph Laurier.

After Galina's departure for Somalia to track down Laurier, Florencia had Charlotte brought to the Collective's Animus were she was prepared for the regression. However, upon learning that she was stabbed by Ortega Sanchez back in Mexico, Florencia insisted to have Charlotte scanned for nano-trackers. While initiating the two hours procedure, she also told her granddaughter that their success was imperative or else Dewalt would use their failure to destroy her. After her departure, Kody, who didn't trusted Erudito hacked the system to stop the scan without Erudito knowing and launched the memories of Charlotte's ancestor, Hiram Stoddard.

Several hours later, as a frustrated Charlotte exited her first session within the memories of Stoddard without having found any new lead about Consus, Florencia told her that Erudito's algorithms were adamant about Stoddard connection with the Isu and that she had to try harder. As Kody voiced his distrust of their algorithms as well as Erudito, Charlotte asked Florencia if she was indeed completely honest with them. Before she could answer, Florencia was interrupted by the arrival of Guernica, who informed her that he needed her as Collective members were flipping to Dewalt's side.

Eventually, Charlotte found Consus in Hiram's memories, being pushed to the limit of her endurance by Florencia without any concern for her health despite Kody's warnings. However, as the young Assassin received a new crytic message from Consus and emerged from the Animus, Forencia informed her that they had to evacuate as the Templars were assaulting Erudito's island.

The Templar assault

While Erudito's protocol was to remotely wipe out the servers once everyone evacuated the compound, Florencia stubbornely stated that they had to destroy it or everything would fall into the Templars hands. While Kody and Guernica placed explosives on the servers, Forencia downloaded Erudito's files on the Phoenix Project but the Templars arrived before they could set-up the explosives and they had to flee. While running under the fire of the ennemy, Florencia dropped her tablet which contained the data and Kody went back to recover it. Unfortunately, Kody succeeded but was fataly wounded in the process, dying in the arms of Charlotte.

Later, the little group of survivors tried to evade the strike teams surrounding them in the Island's jungle, trying to reach the beach and the caves where Erudito's boats were hidden. Once there, Charlotte sensed that it was a trap thanks to her Eagle Vision, but Florencia refused to listen when she told her that they needed to hide and wait for an Assassin rescue team. Despite her rant about being the leader, having fought in a dozen wars before Charlotte's birth, the four other Eruditos agreed with the Assassin. Dewalt even reminding Florencia that the main reason for which she brought Charlotte on the Erudito island was because of her tremendous gift.

As Florencia finally complied and the group moved toward the jungle, Charlotte told her that she would stay back to lure the Templar away as she realized that she had a tracker on her. Reined by Guernica after Charlotte's confession, Florencia, enraged that she had been careless enough not to complete the scan, called her an embarrassment of a granddaughter before leaving. Reaching the crash site of a Voronina and My'shell Lemair's jet, who came back from Somalia after receiving their distress signal, the Erudito leader and her followers reunited with the two Assassins before being rescued by the Assassins Kiyoshi Takakura and Arend Schut Cunningham, who took them away in a helicopter. Before leaving the island, the two Assassins also rescued Charlotte as she was cornered on a cliff by the Templars. Inside the helicopter, Florencia apologized for her harsh words telling Charlotte that she saw a lot of herself in her, but that the younger woman was a better version.


  • Charlotte de la Cruz refers to her grandmother as 'Lita', a shortened form of "abuelita", a colloquialism in Spanish which means granny.