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Flora de la Cruz was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Renaissance.


Born during the Renaissance, Flora de la Cruz was the top courtesan at a renowned brothel in Seville called La Reina Sonriente, or the Smiling Queen.[1]

Famous for her beauty and grace, Flora loved to surround herself with fine and beautiful things, toying with men's hearts to achieve her desires. Despite her many admirers, only her best friend and fellow courtesan, Angela Carillo, had the ability to truly make her laugh.[1]

Unknown to most, Flora also worked as a spy and informant for the Thieves' Guild, going unnoticed thanks to her nimble body, and acquiring secret knowledge for Seville's underworld.[1]

Flora came to join the Brotherhood begrudgingly after being caught spying on two of their Assassins. Her best friend Angela, a new member of the Brotherhood, intervened and convinced the Assassins to spare Flora's life on the condition she swore to work only for their cause from now on.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • "Flora" is a name derived from the Latin flos meaning "flower". "De la Cruz" is a Spanish surname meaning "of the cross".
  • Though Flora shares her surname with the modern day Assassin Charlotte de la Cruz, their relationship, if any, is unknown.