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A flail is a melee weapon consisting of a striking head attached to a handle by a flexible rope, strap, or chain. The main benefits of such a weapon, was the capability to strike around an enemy's shield or parry. The downsides however, were that it lacked enough precision to use in close combat, or against multiple enemies.


At some point between 48 and 44 BCE, Lucius Septimius, a member of the Order of the Ancients, acquired a pair of Isu-inspired flails and used them to deadly effect on 15 March 44 BCE fighting against Aya.[1]

In the 9th century, during the time of England's Heptarchy, the flail was a common weapon used by both the invading Vikings and defending Anglo-Saxons.[2]

In 2016, a 15th century flail was kept in the offices of the Abstergo Foundation Rehabilitation Center based in Madrid.[3]

Weapon statistics

Anglo-Saxon England (9th century)

Name Class Max Attack Max Speed Max Stun Max CRIT-PRC Availability
Frostruin Raven Purchase the Niflheim Pack
Hag's Bite Wolf 141 43 169 93 Purchase from Reda for 120 opals
Iron-Star Bear Loot chest in Kjotve's Fortress
Sinner Skull Raven Purchase the Gothic Pack
Soldier's Flail Wolf Loot chest in Chepeham
Spinning-Death Wolf Loot chest in Trade Depot, Jorvik