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Flag Collection was a virtual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


While gathering information about his target, Altaïr came across an informant near the Hospitalier fortress. He said that he was tasked by Al Mualim with testing Altaïr. The Assassin was to collect several flags in a certain amount of time and return to the informant, in exchange for information on Garnier de Naplouse.


Altaïr approached the informant standing near the fortress.

  • Informant: Ah, if it isn't Altaïr. Remember me? No? I learned my craft at the same time as you, still no memories of me? Doesn't matter. Al Mualim has charged me with a mission that I am honored to perform—I must test you. What a pleasure. I have hidden flags in this area. Find them and return to me; be quick. It is such a shame that the old man insisted that I must help you if you succeed.

Altaïr collected 20 flags scattered throughout the area, and returned to the informant with them.

  • Informant: Back! I'm impressed. Not enough to change my mind about you, but since Al Mualim commands, here is what I know about your next target—Garnier hides, in the Hospitalier fortress. Getting into the fortress will require... cunning. That's all I have for you.


Altaïr successfully completed the informant's test, and gained information about Garnier's location.