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Fish Out Of Water was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


When a merchant complains of being shaken down by a fisherman for destroying his nets, Bayek smells something fishy.


While in the Moon Curser Village, Bayek came across a merchant and a priest in a hut.

  • Dennu: A little sunstroke will not stop me, I must have justice!
  • Priest: You must rest, neb!
  • Dennu: An every minute I keen like a sick infant, that cheat has my father's ring.

Bayek approached the merchant.

  • Dennu: They fuss like clucking hens!
  • Bayek: How did you end up here, neb?
  • Dennu: A fisherman on the road to Swenett, said I tore his nets and set the soldiers on me! They took everything I owned.
  • Bayek: The soldiers stole from you?
  • Dennu: Recompense for the injury. As if nets are worth my father's ring! The Steward should do something, but I waited all day in the sun to see him.
  • Bayek: A suspicious scheme indeed.
  • Dennu: And the road is busy, many head to the desert west of the village. More will fall foul of it!
  • Bayek: I will talk to this so-called fisherman.
  • Dennu: And I will go again to the Steward. One way or another justice will be done.

Bayek headed north, where he found a couple of fishing nets. He overheard a voice.

  • Hagiel: No! My nets! You've ruined my livelihood. Will no one give me justice?
  • Soldier 1: Another troublemaker.
  • Soldier 2: Pay for the damage, neb. Or face the cells.

The soldiers attacked Bayek, who eliminated them. Bayek approached the fisherman.

  • Hagiel: Please, it's not what you think! Please!
  • Bayek: I think that you and the soldiers are working together. Extorting travelers on the road.
  • Hagiel: Ah, so it is what you think. But I am as mnuch as a victim as the merchants.
  • Bayek: How so, a ratty little thief like you?
  • Hagiel: Ratty? No, the steward is to blame! He holds my family captive, threatened to kill them if I did not go along with his scheme.
  • Bayek: Your family?
  • Hagiel: my cat! Lord Furface is all the family I have. Most pay up without a fuss, those that dont't the guards convince. And the steward takes all.
  • Bayek: I do not want to see you here again.
  • Hagiel: No! No, you won't. A man can always get a new cat.

The merchant left the area.

  • Bayek: The merchant puts his head in the lion's mouth, I must find him first.

Bayek travelled north to the estate, where he found the merchant's body infront of the villa.

  • Bayek: Why would they do this? He was no threat.

He investigated the merchant's body.

  • This is your doing, medller:
    This man is dead because you meddled in affairs that do not concern you. I will face you at the shipyard if you have the balls to try and come for me.
    Steward Hestorikas
  • Bayek: This man was murdered as a warning to me?

Bayek headed to the shipyard. With the help of Senu, he identified the steward amongst his guards.

  • Bayek: The steward's oppressive reign is about to end.

Bayek assassinated the steward.

  • Bayek: You should have protected these people, now you will answer to Osiris.

Bayek investigated the steward's body and recovered the merchant's ring.

  • Bayek: His father's ring. Perhaps if ever I venture into his afterlife, I can return it.


Bayek assassinated the steward behind the plot to steal from the Egyptians.


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