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ACOD First Civilization Set front view

Kassandra wearing the set

The First Civilization Set was an armor set found within the simulation of Elysium.

Inspired and forged by the First Civilization, the set was obtained by the misthios Kassandra during her travels within the simulation. The armor pieces were initially scattered during the Peloponnesian War. Kassandra was able to obtain each of the pieces after performing tasks for numerous individuals in the simulation.[1]


Name Armor (Lvl 99) Default Engravings Set Bonus Availability
Persephone's Helmet +% assassin damage
+ % damage with swords
+10s Duration for Ares Madness Ability Complete The Rebellion's Uprising
Asphodel Armor +% assassin damage
+% crit damage
Complete Dead Kings and Pretty Things
Hekate's Golden Bracelets +% assassin damage
+ % crit damage while low health
Complete Have Another Drink
Belt of Before +% assassin damage
+% crit damage while low health
Complete Give 'Em Hades
Hermes' Greaves +% assassin damage
+% crit chance while low health
Complete A Life for a Life




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