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First Blood was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek returns to the Bent Pyramid, where his quest for vengeance began. In a bid to see what remains of his foe, he discovers the place is not how he left it.


While in a chamber within the pyramid, Bayek discovered a shrine with an ankh on the table.

  • Bayek: My life was undone here. Yet now there is a shrine, a memorial where none should be. Could this be for Rudjek? None could care for that snake that began this twisted quest, could they?

Bayek discovered an arrow on the ground.

  • Bayek: Rudjek's arrow. I marked his name off my list with this. Now it sits on the ground, forgotten.

Bayek found a loose wall and destroyed it, gaining entry into the room behind it.

  • Bayek: Someone has sealed this room. The smell of blood I spilled still lingers here.

He discovered small mummies in the room beside the tomb.

  • Bayek: A mummified heron. For resurrection? No, whoever did this must have known of Rudjek's place in the Order.

He investigated the tomb, which contained Rudjek's body.

  • Bayek: Rudjek does not deserve a tomb, but this is an insult. This tomb was made for a Pharaoh. Whoever did this has defiled this place.

Bayek destroyed several vases in the room and discovered Rudjek's mask in the corner, Rudjek's knife still buried in it.

  • Bayek: Rudjek's mask. I barely remember what happened after I stabbed him.

Bayek completed his investigation.

  • Bayek: This room has told me all I need to know.
    This place was a beginning for me, and an end for Rudjek. The arrow marked both of those things. After I stabbed that bastard, things went dark. When I came back to myself, Rudjek was dead. Rudjek's body should have been left to rot. He has been laid to rest with respect by someone who wanted him to enter the Duat prepared. Whoever buried him also left this heron mummy to honor Rudjek with his gods damned namesake in the afterlife. They then returned here to pay respect to Rudjek, if these candles are any indication. No matter what, I know Rudjek's heart was found lacking. That bastard suffers in the afterlife, no matter what was done here.

A recreation of what happened in the chamber was shown. Bayek crossed out Rudjek's name on his right shoulder and stabbed Rudjek with his mask. Sometime thereafter, someone came into the chamber and laid Rudjek to rest, placing his body in the tomb. The individual also left various heron mummies to honor his namesake in the afterlife and occasionally returned to the chamber to pay respect to Rudjek.

  • Bayek: I will be judged one day, but I do not regret my actions. The feather will always be lighter than my heart.


Bayek completed his investigation in the chamber of the pyramid, discovering that someone had visited the tomb to give Rudjek a proper burial.


  • Depending on whether Bayek already knew about Suphia or not, there were two outcomes; one were Bayek didn't know who did it and the other stating Suphia did it for love.


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